Saturday, 7 March 2009


It was a very long and emotionally-charged week at work for me. The new leader of my work team is not a people-oriented person. Our previous associate manager was an outstanding leader and I considered him my friend. The new guy doesn't like people, beaurocracy, women who get pregnant while working with him, women who speak up, women who are intelligent, women who have children, women who need to go home when their children are get the picture. Thank goodness the person who he reports to is an intelligent mother of three children (who sometimes get sick)who isn't afraid to speak up.

Coming home after this kind of a week had me contemplating the meaning of home. It definitely includes seeing the two beautiful faces I need the most. A lot of nights it is the smell of something wonderful and yummy on the stove - thanks to the culinary genius I married. Getting into my comfy clothes, a glass of red wine, the meowing neediness of the cat and of course as many hugs,kisses and cuddles I can get out my sweet sweet boy all signify home to me! What about you?


  1. Home is laughing with my kids. Home is sitting on the couch with my husband. Home is a good book under the covers. We are all so grateful to have a place to just be relaxed. I hope that new manager loosens up a bit:)

  2. Home is comfy clothes, my kiddies laughing, my husband's hug and kiss, and warmth all around.

    Sorry you're having to deal with a crappy boss. Never fun.

  3. I hope he loosens up a bit, too. Sounds a bit unreasonable. Balancing work-life is hard enough without those barriers!

  4. We're so lucky to have men that cook and help around the home. I was speaking to a lot of women this past weekend, and apparently that's not the norm, lol.


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