Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Well...we survived our first day. Me back to work, Deaglan at daycare. It felt like the longest day ever to me. I felt crazy and emotional and irritated with the happy people. Some people had real empathy, especially the newer mums. The veterans just smiled sympathetically and assured me he was fine and I was going to be fine. Here are a few things I missed and some I begrudgingly have to admit I didn't mind so much:

I missed:
  • Kissing his sweet, sweet wonderful face whenever I wanted to
  • Making him laugh
  • Holding him close
  • Okay I just missed everything about him
  • Oprah, Y&R and General Hospital (I never claimed our time together was totally educational)
  • Bare feet
  • Staying in my pyjamas
  • Not worrying about appearances

I didn't mind so much:

  • Freedom to go to the washroom without coming up with some grande elaborate scheme that would keep him safe and contained
  • Having lunch (I mean really eating my own lunch - not scarfing down a piece of bread with peanut butter while the baby ate)
  • People thinking I was so thin (the last time they saw me I was 185lbs with an enormous belly - anyone would look thin compared to that)

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