Monday, 9 March 2009


Since Deaglan started daycare, he has been sick almost everyday. I'm not exaggerting. And I know that it is actually very good for him - I've heard a thousand testimonials from other parents swearing that once they pass this "immunity building" stage, kids rarely get sick ever again. My back-to-work schedule has come in handy since I work from Tuesdays to Fridays. Today Deaglan was really sick with very high temperatures. I called telehealth and they told me that what I was doing was right (giving him lots of fluids and tylenol and motrin to bring down the fever) but there were times when I contemplated taking him into emergency. His fever came down and I was able to bathe him and put him to bed. But there was something that I noticed about him that had me again realizing just how much we can learn from babies. There was no drama to his illness. As soon as he felt even a tiny bit better, he was up and playing, laughing and chasing the cat. So in the moment. So all about joy.


  1. I'm so glad that Deaglan is feeling better. Fevers always make me nervous. I've had those moments wondering if I could do more to help bring down the fever. Thank God that children generally bounce back and begin to play again. What a relief when you see your little guy back to his old self again. I'm sure he'll be wrestling your kitty cat with full strength tomorrow!!

  2. It's so true about the lack of drama! He hasn't figured out how to manipulate yet, and that is testament to you and your family.
    About the constant illness - sometimes a daycare doesn't put enough emphasis on hand-washing, and in the past I've had to ask them to step it up. Sometimes that helps.
    Hope he's feeling better tomorrow!

  3. Ahh, if we could stop our complaining and become more like our toddlers, eh? (:

    But I'm sorry he was sick!


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