Monday, 6 April 2009

Fifteen month shots

Deaglan had to get his 15 month immunizations today. Because he was still developing his memory, in past appointments the drama didn't begin till after the first needle.

But not today.

As soon as we walked into the office his grip on me became stronger. Before I could get his coat off or slip into the mandatory slippers so as not to dirty the floor, Nurse Louise told me to bring him back. That's when he began to cry. His recognition of the examining room and memory of the events that took place within turned his crying into wailing. And because he's been so sick of late I needed the doctor to give him a quick check-up before the needles. And this meant looking into his throat.
He went crazy.

I assumed the position (while he sat facing outward on my lap, I used one of my arms to lock his two arms to his side and used my other to hold him steady across the forehead)while the doctor took her popsicle stick and pressed his tongue down. I'm sure it sounded like we were performing some sort of ancient bloodletting ritual to
anyone just walking in for their appointment.

Not soon enough after the check-up Nurse Louise came back in (a very sweet yet no nonsense grandmother type) and gave me the signal to assume the next position. While I held his body down with mine on the examining table, I used one of my hands to steady the leg in which the first needle would go and once done did the same to the other leg. All the while I forgot any trepidation I had about my singing voice and was belting out a very robust rendition of Raffi's* Robin in the Rain to try and distract my now hysterical boy.

The singing clearly wasn't taking it's intended effect even after the needles were dispensed and I needed to come up with something else to at least re-direct his attention.

Just then I remembered cheese.

His favourite food and his favourite word. I grabbed the ziploc I had filled with little cheese cubes and showed him. As if it was some magical antidote, the kid stopped crying. He smiled his 8-tooth grin and said "Cheez!" He gobbled down a piece and said "Cheez" again. I had him. I was able to hat, coat and shoe him and get the hell out of that doctor's office.

We go back at 18 months.

*Raffi is a wonderful Canadian children's musician that both Shaune and I grew up listening to. His music works minor miracles on long car rides.


  1. You should have seen me holding down my boys at those toddler appointments. I remember the doctor calling in an extra nurse to help hold down my 2 year old son. It was a nightmare. I feel for you! My three year old daughter gets very weepy and protests through the whole visit. I hope she'll be a better patient in the future. Her 4 year old shots are coming up. Another battle, oh no!!

  2. Oh how I've been in that position! How nice that cheese is the magic word...hope that remains the case for 18mos!

    And it sounds like we need to check out your .CA musician!

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  4. Glad the cheese worked! I have NO experience in this field.. unless you count holding an overly hyper dog down to have his toe-nails clipped. It usually takes me and two to three other people - and he only weighs 16 pounds. I can't imagine trying to restrain a child!!

  5. Very cute photo despite the doctor visit. WE too have had visits like this...hopefully in years time these visits will get easier.

  6. Awesome. Don't Mom's rock! You can sing, use brute strength and remember "cheez" at a critical moment. Again, awesome job. My son is almost 7 and they just added another shot after KDG. Why do they do that? Anywho-He was in shock. I now wish I had thought to bring some tasty treat to bring him back from hysteria! :)

  7. Thank goodness for cheese! I have to say, my daughter is 6 and she still totally loses it! Last time to nurses and her daddy had to hold her... she kicked one nurse in the chest... good times.

  8. great photograph!
    i see this one becoming a classic!


  9. Doctor visit are never fun for us either. I'm glad the cheese worked. I bet you'll be bringing it every time now. I have to say that I love those eight tooth grins too! That shot is already forgotten, well at least until the next visit.

  10. Isn't it the worst when you have to do this for them? You know it is for their own good but they sure don't! I'm glad you brought the cheese! I should remember that trick in the future. I feel so guilty and my son looks at me like I am a betrayer to him. Ack.

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I very much appreciate it!

  11. Awwwww,,,,,,what a handsome little boy you have there :)
    Thank you for following my blog and I will return your kindness.
    Honey, love the heck outta them while they are little.mine took a nap and the next thing I knew they were either in college and now all live on their own.
    At least they al have jobs so I did something right somewhere (and thank goodness they aren't all four sucking the life outta me now....just sticking out there hands for money. But....they DO go home!)
    Secretly, I long for them every single day :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl


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