Sunday, 9 August 2009

My best side

We’ve probably taken close to 10,000 pictures since Deaglan was born. I think it must be a side effect of parenting. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to be able to look back and see a week-by-week growth chart of our baby. I know that already there is so much I have forgotten and he is not yet two. We were lucky enough to get a bunch of gift certificates from family which enabled us to kick in some extra and invest in a really good camera. And it’s been such a great tool to document this wonderful new avenue of our lives.

However, a pitfall of this has been that I am in so damned many of these pictures. This is mostly because Shaune likes to be the photographer. But here’s where I would rather not have the minute-by-minute reminder of what I look like when I’m not trying to pose. I mean I only share the odd picture of myself on this blog - odd meaning it is a rarity when one turns out not so bad. But believe me most of the shots are BAD. The sad thing is that I can’t blame it on Shaune’s photography skills because the ones of Deaglan are usually awesome.

A few weeks ago Shaune took a real eye-opener. I felt like Elaine on that Seinfeld episode where they keep making fun of the size of her head and she stops and says – could I maybe not be as attractive as I think I am? It’s not that I think I’m some sort of a beauty queen but this particular angle that Shaune seemed to have captured just right was like a slap in the face. My immediate reaction was to want to burn the outfit I was wearing but more than that, have a serious chat with my better half – which by the way was definitely not caught in this particular snapshot – and ask him why he would take such a picture and more importantly why he would let me venture out of the house if such angles were possible!?

In the spirit of full disclosure I’ve included some of these classics for you here. If you ever felt that in the past I was carrying airs or being snobbish in any way, comfort yourself with the knowledge that I had no business doing so.

From the front I thought this outfit was alright. I think Stacey and Clinton may have a point
about needing the 360 degree mirror.

Again with the rear shot - Shaune???

I was determined to have not even one nice memory of our day out with Thomas!

This could have been okay had I said "cheese" instead of "constipated"

I don't even know what to say about this one.

There's no reminder like this one that I need to start watching what I eat.

And these were just the presentable ones folks!


  1. Woman, I hear you, I really KNOW what you are saying here.....BUT you are beautiful.Really.xx♥

  2. Kim- OK, maybe the butt-shot in cave wasn't great I liked the outfit in the water. And you are beautiful, albeit a little crabby looking sometimes. All in all, a fine display. ~rick

  3. Those really weren't bad and you are beautiful. I know what you mean though, I find the one's where I'm caught in the background can be even worse. I've got a million pic of my girls too!

  4. You've got me laughing out loud here at my desk! You are so brave to show these photos Kim. Not that I think they're terrible or anything, but the first few aren't the most flattering ones ever. I don't think there's anything wrong with the shorts and white top outfit though! Your commentary was hysterical!

  5. Um, OK. No one likes shots from behind, but your behind is just fine. You are gorgeous, even making the face.

    (I am rarely in any pix with my kids because I'm the camera person.)

  6. You are funny and beautiful!! I hate most of the photos of me with the kids. I usually have a strange expression, or I'm in a weird position. Oh well, the kids are the stars in the photos anyway :)

  7. Awww Kim, these should be in Vogue or Cosmo, what are you talking about? Actually, I know EXACTLY how you feel and I think our children are about the same age. I have wrinkles in places I didn't use to. I have cottage cheese in places I don't care to have photographed and so on and so on. That's why I don't post too many photos of myself on my blog either. And the ones I do, they are cropped or waist-up. It's hard when you don't have a personal trainer or a stylist to get you up and going. Still, you do have a beautiful face, a beautiful smile and a beautiful family. The rest will fall into place. Just keep working at it! Hugs to you brave woman for posting these though. You're my hero! :-)

  8. I wrote a blog post a while back about how I loathe being photographed. And my husband's a professional. It's ironic that he married a camera shy person, it really is.

    You're gorgeous. Even when captured in a sour mood! Now, that's saying something.

  9. I just wanted to add, husbands love to take butt shots. It's a universal thing that they do.

  10. I think you are being a little hard on yourself. You are a lovely woman and I get that from the photos. Some people are just gifted with being loved by the camera. Most of those folks are in Hollywood! I'm glad I'm not one of them!

    We also take thousands of photos of T Rex - it's the only way we get a few good ones to post!

  11. i am sorry, but you are gorgeous!!! and if these are bad photos, you have nothing to worry about as they are a ZILLION times better than any shots of me!

    and your son looks like he is entering the HANDFULL stage. eke.

  12. We are always the worst judge of ourselves! (I wish I had a really cute butt like yours)

  13. Haha, aw Kim. Don't you sweat a thing, these really aren't that bad. At all. I think you look quite good in a couple of them actually.

    Kudos to you for posting the ones you don't like, I doubt I'd be so brave.

    The camera is rarely kind, especially when we're too busy living life to pose for it :)

  14. I loved this post! But seriously, even your bad shots aren't that bad!! I'm not nearly brave enough to post some of the horror shots I've shown up in :)

  15. Yes, I have had some real eye-opener shots over the past year or so too. I agree with Elizabeth, men love butt shots. lol You are lovely. :)

  16. This was such a great post, you had me laughing because I can identify so much! Having said that, I think that you are really beautiful and that shows through in all of the photos, even the ones where you may not have your best smile on.
    What can I say about butt shots, not many women find them flattering, but you have such a tiny butt, that even those shots aren't bad.

    Your son is so CUTE!!!! But I guess you know that. Keep taking those pictures, with you in them, you'll be so glad you did.


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