Wednesday, 3 March 2010


When I was on maternity leave I did a little cooking. It was the first time in my life I felt excited about domesticity. I cracked open a wonderful Indian cookbook my niece gifted to me and learned a few dishes. Some of them worked out and some didn’t.

I remember Shaune used to say that he loved walking through the door on those days when he could smell a curry bubbling on the stove.

When I went back to work, the experimentation stopped but I continued to make some of the more successful recipes. However, instead of a few times a week, I would try to make a big batch every few months and freeze 2-serving portions so we could pull these out on busy week nights.

I don’t know whether it’s because from the day I met Shaune he made it clear that cooking was his passion so that I stopped even trying or that I am not by nature very talented in the kitchen but sometimes I wish I could whip up a fragrant dal or mouthwatering chicken korma with ease.

I didn’t grow up with Indian food on the table, my family is Canadian and we stuck to the things you would expect. But oh how I crave the aromatic spicy dishes of this cuisine. Maybe I’ll brush up on my few skills in this on the next maternity leave.

I tried to find a picture in our archives of something delicious but since no curry dishes jumped out at me, I posted this delicious picture of Deaglan last summer at the beach.


  1. I've never had Indian food. I know, I'm way too sheltered when it comes to my food choices. After reading your post, I'm more tempted to find out what I'm missing. Enjoy brushing up those culinary skills. I'm sure Shaune enjoys watching you cook some new dishes too! Cute picture of Deaglan :)

  2. I have a tough time with Indian food - too spicy for me - can you recommend something mild?

    How are your feeling? I'm working on a gift for you - I'll get it in the mail as soon as it's done. I just gave a set to a friend and she raved about them so I'm excited to see what you think.

  3. I haven't really experimented with Indian food. You should share recipes of your favorite dishes to inspire us all. I have, however, started adding a TBSP of curry powder to our chicken salad. It really gives it a great flavor and spice (and it helps hide the fact that I use fat-free mayo in my recipe too! :-)

    Are you having Indian food cravings these days or something else?

  4. Indian food is so delicious. I used to have the chance to eat it more often at my past job. Now, I don't get to enjoy it often because my husband doesn't like to stray to far from his American/Southern soul food basics. :) I hope you continue to whip of some dishes now and then...

  5. You know, when you have the new baby, Deaglan is going to start suddenly looking very grown-up to you.


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