Saturday, 27 November 2010

Poop, pee and other food groups

 Lately we can't have a conversation with Deaglan without him bringing something toilet-esque into it. You know what I mean parents of toddlers?

On Saturdays we always have pizza for dinner from our favourite place Soprano's. (They make the best pizza for a great price and anyone I've ever dealt with from the restaurant has been nothing but lovely!) Anyway, tonight when I served Deaglan a slice this is how it went down:

Deaglan: Mommy I don't want pizza.

Me: Aren't you hungry?

Deaglan: Yes, I'm hungry.

Me: Well then, eat. That's what we're having for dinner.

Deaglan: I don't want pizza.

Me sighing: Okay then what do you want?

Deaglan: Poop.

Me biting the inside of my cheek: You're not having poop. It's   pizza or nothing.

Deaglan lots of laughter from him: Okay then how about Pee?
Now he's almost falling over laughing.

Me: Oh boy. Let me know when you're hungry then.

And while I'm on the subject of body fluids, Naveen had some sort of eye thing - likely Deaglan brought home pink eye from daycare. I remembered my midwife singing the praises of breast milk and how it can cure just about anything. And truth be told, I was too tired to call around to try and get a doctor's appointment. So I squeezed breast milk in the baby's eye a few times a day for three days and that bad boy cleared right up!


  1. that is awesome! the breast milk in the eye thing!!!

  2. ah the poop talk is a daily occurrence in my house.
    And yes breast milk is like a wonder drug..

  3. Breastmilk is truly amazing! They are starting to experiment with its use in cancer treatment. It does actually contain stem cells. The possibilities could be limitless!

    And I hear boys all go through that poop/pee thing. T Rex likes to announce when he passes gas. We had 10 people over for dinner last week and during dinner while everyone was eating and not talking he piped up and declared, "I passed gas - normal body function...excuse me." Everyone tried their darnedest to no chuckle.

  4. My children are 21 and 13 and still find toilet humour hilarious!

  5. LOL! I know he's eating chocolate pudding in that photo, but poop keeps popping into my head.

    Breast milk is natures medicine!

  6. Mine haven't outgrown this yet (14 and 17). Boys, what can you do?

  7. Oooh, YUCK! Boys are something else, aren't they? I have two brothers and never understood the potty humor.

  8. My oldest, John, always had eye styes and fluid leaking out of one eye. It was never an infection. I also tried that breast milk squirt and it worked back then too.

    Poop talk unfortunately seems to be entrenched in a boy's arsenal of conversation topics forever. LOL.

  9. I am well familiar with the hilarity of poop and pee jokes around here. Ah, life with a toddler. But, secretly, I think they're kinda funny, too.

    And how clever are you to use the breastmilk in the eye? That sure beats those drops they give you at the pharmacy!

  10. Your big boy is hilarious and that is amazing about your little one healing up from your milk, just amazing. ;)

  11. I am from India and my MIL recommends breastmilk too.


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