Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Church of Gramma and Grampa

Deaglan has left the building.

Metaphorically speaking. He's pulled out of my tight embrace and pledged allegiance to Gramma and Grampa. Abandoned ship.

The mother ship that is.

It's something they don't prepare you for in early-mama bootcamp. You can't prevent it by doing extra chin-ups. It's a part of the training though. And it kinda sneaks up on you.

Gramma and Grampa love. It's Mighty.

Yesterday we gassed up the Odyssey and headed to that holy Mecca of Deaglan's world. Outfitted the backseat with a long enough flick to decrease the number of Are we there yets? Explained that our arrival would coincide with the end of Pocahontas. Had snacks on hand and Raffi as a back-up should she fail to entertain.

I contemplated the act of letting go. The natural resistance to it. How sometimes God steps in and pries your fingers open, leaves you with no choice but to release.

An act that has its inception when their feet are too tiny to carry them. Only, you're blind to it. Busy believing you're the universe, you alone hold the keys to their safety, their joy, their future.

We met our gorgeous new nephew yesterday. Layton. I didn't warn these two about Gramma and Grampa love. I let them enjoy this moment of being everything to him.

I'm pouring my heart out with Shell today.


  1. It is like a cult religion the way kids love their Grandma and Grandpa and vice versa. It can be hard on mamas, but like you said it's part of the training.

  2. I hear ya! Every morning, my daughter asks to go to Gaga's house. (She calls my mom Gaga and my dad Baba) As much as I love the relationship she has with her grandparents, I kinda wish she'd be that excited to see me once and a while! :)

  3. Grandma and Grandpa have a strong hold on my kids, too. Sometimes it breaks my heart a little and sometimes I'm just relieved to get a little break.

    What a darling new baby!

  4. The Grammas and Grandpas get the best of both worlds - all the love when the grandkids come visit, and the huge rest later, when they leave.

    Our grandpeople live out of state but whenever they're around, it's one big party for our two older boys. After they leave, it's back to boring old parents. As my older son tells me "You don't make french toast like Grams does. Make it like Grams does!"

    You expressed that love so well.

    Visiting from Shell and PYHO.

  5. Congratulations on the new nephew!

  6. Oh yes Grandma and Grampa (Mimi & Papa in my house) love is so strong! I so badly wish my kids got to spend more time with my dad.
    Beautiful pictures!

  7. "An act that has its inception when their feet are too tiny to carry them. Only, you're blind to it. Busy believing you're the universe, you alone hold the keys to their safety, their joy, their future."

    POwerful words Kim... i wonder how true they are... how very true. I felt that with my sister... :-(

  8. I had high hopes for Amy's relationship with her grandparents. Mine were too far away, and the other set are, to put it nicely-not all that interested.
    Some day, I plan to make up for it when I'm a grandma (but I tell Amy- no hurry there!)

  9. I can honestly say I don't have this problem...I don't know if that is good or bad. Noah, if he could, would go back into my womb...LOL
    What a blessing your family has this strong connection. Your new nephew is such a cutie too!!

  10. We love Raffi, too!

    And hubby and I cease to exist when my mom is here. T Rex LOVES her. Isn't it wonderful?

  11. My boys worship thier grandparents too! On both sides. We just can't compete. :) Beautiful family pics!

  12. Your new nephew is a cutie!!

    How sweet to see all that family love surrounding your precious boys. Beautiful pictures Kim.


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