Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Who do I want to advertise?

 A few months ago I put up a "sponsor" button. My intention was to sell ad space here at The Child. And although I haven't been overwhelmed with responses, I have received several solicitations that made me really wonder what I wanted for this blog. If you take a look at my prices, you'll see that, obviously, I'm not trying to make a boatload of cash. But I thought, well, since my blog is steadily growing, I might as well use the space to advertise for some retailers I believe in. Then when the only offers coming in were companies that didn't fit the profile, voice or content of my blog, I let those people know I wasn't interested.

Last week my vision became clearer. My friend Erin who is getting married next month (ahhh!!!!) was ecstatic about some online shopping she's been doing for her wedding and asked me if I'd heard of Etsy. Yes!! She said she couldn't believe the beautiful custom products she'd been finding (wedding veil, jewelry, hair accessories) at amazing prices, all unique and handcrafted. Erin's been stunned by the personal service and caring that these retailers put into her orders - some from as faraway as California.

So although I was waffling a bit on whether or not to just take the tab down, feeling a bit defeated that no quality merchants were approaching me, my friend clarified things for me. I want to sell ad space to the hardworking artisans who may or may not have an Etsy shop. I want to support industrious stay-at-home moms (and dads!) like Valerie and T Rex Mom who lovingly and passionately create beautiful things because - well it brings them joy.

Also and completely unrelated - it never gets easier cutting this kid's hair. Clearly he gets his hair-growing genes from me (sorry Shaune - but he does!); at three, he's had it chopped at least seven times. But it's this refusal to let go that comes with motherhood which brings me to tears every time. And then when he walks in the door, and I see all of his beautiful face, my heart swoons and I could just cry again.

Email me if you or someone you know wants to buy some very reasonably priced ad space here. My contact info can be found in the tabs up top.


  1. He has such a gorgeous face!!

    I think it's great that you're helping those hard working moms with their Etsy shops. I'm going to look through the blogs that I follow. I bet there is one or two that I could ask if they would be interested. I'll let you know.

    Love and hugs, Kel

  2. Hi Kim, sorry that my microfiction didn't show up on my post for you. I think it should show up now...

    Loved your take on my equation theory by the way. Funny that I went with math. I run away from it usually. LOL.

    Love Kel

  3. I just discovered Etsy and I'm am totally in love with it! I have friends all over raving about it. I think it's brilliant that you're going to that route...what a nice way to showcase artisians and their work!

  4. Etsy is spectacular. I don't have any advice about anything blog related, because....I just don't get the business/getting readers end of it at all. Which is okay.

    Best of luck to you in finding the right fit.

    And that little face? Lovely.

  5. I think that's great that you have found the direction that you want for your advertising. I am such a fan and purchaser of items from Etsy shops. I love how they link you up with shops that fit your previous purchases. :) By the way, I love that last picture of Deaglan!! He is precious.

  6. Good luck! I love some of the unique finds in Etsy.

  7. I can't help with the advertising, but your son is so adorable!

  8. Thanks so much for this Kim-I could just hug you:)

    And I agree-what a perfectly adorable face!

  9. I love Etsy! Sometimes I reach out to shop owners and offer to promote them.
    I wish Marlie had my hair growing gene. Unfortunately she has her daddy's and her was bald until he was 3, LOL!

  10. Thanks for the highlight. You are too sweet. And thanks for putting up my etsy button.

    By the way, T Rex gets hair cuts about once a month and has been since he was about 7 months old. It's a tear jerker for all of us every time. We feel your pain. Thank goodness Bebe Sister is a girl and we have not had to cut her hair yet.

  11. I like longer hair on kids - it's sweet.

    Etsy is a good idea. I've seen ads on blogs that, as you say, don't fit the blog and it's jarring to me. One I saw was advertisement for "Date a Filipina!"

  12. I haven't taken the step of revenue on the blogs. I'm not much help - but Etsy is a great way to support the community.

    And just don't worry about cutting the hair - long hair on little boys is fine - I know this cause my mom said so (◠‿◠)God bless and keep you and all of yours Kim.


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