Sunday, 29 May 2011

Recent photos

Many of these photos are from our long weekend (May 20-23). We spent time with both sides of our families. This is Deaglan at the beach in Camlachie just down from Shaune's parents.
Naveen and me in Shaune's parents' backyard. I rarely wear jewelry around this tiny grabby-handed monkey. My husband bought me this necklace and pendant with the kids names engraved on it for Christmas. Naveen sees nothing else when it's around my neck.
Naveen enjoying the Thomas the train cake Mimi and Papa (my folks) brought for his birthday celebration. It's clear he detests chocolate.
Shaune and Naveen in our backyard. Naveen's shirt says: I look just like Daddy. I got it a few years ago for Deaglan at H & M. They have the cutest kids clothes. These days you can have just as much fun dressing up boys as girls.
This was taken today. Shaune cooked up a fish his Dad caught a few weeks ago on his annual fishing trip up north. He baked it over an open fire on a charcoal grill. It was delightful with a side of sauteed green beans. Deaglan helped with the entire cooking process and was downright proprietary all throughout the meal asking me if I liked the fish he made.

We ducked into the hair salon in Walmart a few days ago. I can't stop drinking in his handsome little face.

The four of us right before Naveen got ready to open an enormous pile of gifts for the second time that weekend. Actually, he was only really interested in the bits of wrapping paper he could get his hands on. Deaglan did all the opening. And then all the playing with. We finally just gave up explaining that the new toys were for Naveen.
Sidewalk chalking. These days I'm taking every opportunity to write out Deaglan's name, hoping he'll start recognizing some of the letters. He's constantly pointing out D's on street signs and billboards.
This time Naveen didn't even wait to be served a slice of cake. Before anyone knew it was happening, he leaned down and took a bite of the cake while Gramma was holding it. Uhh, could I have a piece from the other side please?
Naveen and I have so much in common, a chip off the old block!

Happy Sunday!

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