Tuesday, 14 May 2013

On a Saturday night

On Saturday we visited Aunt Tanis (the oldest of Shaune's three sisters) and Uncle Shawn. We knew Gramma was going to be there. It seemed like a perfect way to spend Mother's Day Eve.

Tanis was away on business around my birthday and so brought out this cake to let me know she hadn't forgotten. She also hosted a lovely dinner and treated us to some delicious wines.

Uncle Shawn - that's his hand with the lighter there - had to relight the candles three times to give everyone a turn. The front part of the cake, the side closest to me, was rendered inedible by the fourth blowing. I might have been hit with some of the "air" Naveen was using to blow out the candles.

Gramma, Aunt Chrissy and Aunt Tanis.

Shaune made this chocolate mousse cake. Gramma had made it a few years ago for my 40th birthday and he stole the recipe and has made it a few times since. It's gorgeous. He posted the recipe to his blog here.
Naveen was captivated by some of Uncle Shawn's wood carving collection, especially this guy who he referred to as the "Chweif" (Chief). He told us that the Chweif didn't look too happy. All throughout the evening, the Chweif preoccupied his thoughts so that nobody thought it right to leave without getting some photos of the two of them.

Uncle Shawn promised that in his will, the Chweif would be left to Naveen.


  1. Oh wow, that wood carving is fantastic!

    Looks like a very fun time :-)

  2. It sounds like it was the perfect way to spend mother's day eve. I hope you had a great day of being celebrated by your boys.

  3. That cake looks amazing. Glad you had a good weekend. Your kids are too funny!

  4. Ooh that chocolate mousse cake looks good. Any chance of you posting the recipe?

  5. nom, cake, nom. I'm so glad you had a nice Mother's Day weekend. I didn't know Shaune blogged. I'll visit his site

  6. Be with family can be so fulfilling. :)

  7. Aw, that last line is sweet.
    And those cakes look delicious!!


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