Sunday, 22 March 2009

Trucks, dolls and kitchen sets

This was the first toy he picked up this morning. I had these two dolls (a male and a female) from before he was born. They were meant as a gift for either a niece or one of my friends' daughters. I decided to let Deaglan play with them instead. He loves them.
A few weeks ago, Kim the mom who was looking after the kids in the playroom at church noticed that Deaglan just loved the kitchen set. It's all he played with. We thought that this was pretty neat. After all he watches his Dad cook all the time. I suggested that we keep our eye out for one this summer when we're garage sale-ing.

He also loves anything with wheels, anything that is packaging for something else, blocks, vaseline, anything paper and just about anything we don't want him to have.

I figure it's better to let him play the way he wants. Imagination is a good thing.


  1. You're doing a great job letting him explore all kinds of playthings! My boys always got a kick out of working in the play kitchen. There is not limit to what kids can do with their imagination if given many ways to express it :)

  2. My toddler wants to play with NOTHING except his toddler-sized pots and pans and kitchen items.. and it will entertain him for hours (okay, not quite. But even 30 mins is a LONG time for a 21-mo old!)

    I agree completely!


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