Tuesday, 21 April 2009

First name basis

Deaglan still doesn't really say much - that we can understand. I mentioned a few weeks ago that he says "cheez". Recently he's added "teest” which means please. He also says “wrrashssss” which we know to mean Crash (0ur Cat). When he`s really proud of himself he exclaims this “I di ya!” which we strongly believe means I did it!

But I think the most entertaining linguistic development has gotta be that he has begun to call Shaune by first name. A few weeks ago I called to Shaune who was a floor below me. Deaglan echoed me yelling: Shau!! Then he looked at me to see my reaction. I stifled a giggle. I called Shaune again. And again he yelled Shau!! Shaune walked up the stairs, the look on his face, hurt, incredulous.

“Did he just call me Shau?”


“Well don’t let him. I don’t want my son referring to me by first name.”

“What do you want me to do? He is turning into a sponge. He’s gonna copy everything we do and say.”

“Well than start calling me Daddy.”

“Oh please! You’ve got to be kidding.”

A few days later, I forgot and yelled to Shaune again while holding Deaglan. Shau!! he echoed back. I`ve had a good laugh telling our friends and relatives this story.

But then tonight while I was transporting him from the tub to the change table, Deaglan craned his neck out of the warmth of his towel and yelled “Shau!!” Shaune wasn`t even home.

Am I getting the short end of the stick here I started to wonder. Not only had Deaglan been saying dada for a few months, now he was taking the trouble of learning Shaune’s given name. And then there was the Cat. . His first real attempt at communication was with the cat – I captured it on video back in November.

I felt a bit of resentment creeping in. I’m pretty sure the Cat didn’t carry him in his uterus for 41 weeks and three days, or shuffle to and from work when he could barely stand on his swollen extra large feet, listening to people exclaim things like: Are you sure you’re not having triplets, or WOW I’ve never seen boobs so big - you look like you’re gonna fall over!

Would it kill him to throw me a stray “ma-ma” here and there???


  1. Yes, it does seem so unfair. Oh, but give it time. The "Momma's" will begin to flow and flow. :)

  2. i had a friend that had a baby and her baby started calling her by her first name and she cried and cried about it! she hated it. sounds like deaglan is leaving the best name for last! hopefully he will say "mama" for you soon.

  3. I don't remember all the stages but isn't it at 2 +/-that a baby starts to know he is a seperate being from his mother? don't be hurt as far as he is concerned you and he are one. I think it is interesting how children learn language, having tried to learn Portuguese at 53-59 years old (and still trying) there are some simularities - but the biggest difference is that children are allowed trial and error - but adults are supposed to say it right the first time.... everytime I see your blog I just want to snuggle with your little guy.

  4. Oh, this is cute though. And I miss those baby words. Grant says F for the th sound. (Baf instead of bath/I'm firsty...)

    Enjoy this time. All too soon you will both be wishing he would just be quiet already!!! Just ssshhh!

  5. Funny! He'll say "Mama" soon enough and you will love hearing that sweet little voice call your name!

    Great photo too!

  6. That is too funny. Pretty soon you'll be wishing he would stop with all the mama, mama, mama.

    Great photo.

    And thanks for you comment on my post today. It truly made me feel better. :-)

  7. My little boy calls me Patsy, the baby calls me num-nums, she just wants food. I would prefer mummy,mama,whatever.....
    Both can say daddy perfectly.
    But I know soon enough, I am going to want them to call daddy's name sometimes. Maybe when I'm on the loo,in the shower etc. :D

  8. Don't worry...you'll be hearing mama soon enough, and then over and over and over forever.

    mama mama mama mama mama mama

    Oh, how sweet the sound.

  9. Ha! My daughter's first word was "zack". Nope, not my husband. Our dog!

  10. Don't worry. You'll be hear the Mamas all the time soon. My kids did the same thing with my husband's name. Like you said, they are sponges. They repeat what you say. Now that my kids are older, they like to get on their dad's nerves by calling him his first name. They do it more often when they see it bugs him. Boys love to push their dad's buttons sometimes!

  11. Aww, you'll get one soon, I'm sure! :)
    And I think it's hilarious that he's calling Shaune by his first name.

  12. maybe you have to start bribing him with treats: want chocolate? say MAMA!!!

    as soon as he starts saying it, he will never stop. i am sure he is crazy for you! :)

  13. I think it's hilarious when my kids call us by our first names.

    Don't worry. One day soon, you'll be wishing you never heard the word "Mom!"

  14. What helped me to get over not being top of his list in words, is the fact that I'm always there. They had no reason to call my name. I then would let them cry for a moment and tell them that if they need me to call me, mommy.
    When we were growing up my parents always called each other, mommy and daddy. They still do. Now they go by Mama and Bapa for the grandkids. It may sound funny at first but you get used to it. It could also get a Deaglan to say Mommy.


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