Thursday, 24 September 2009

Droning mommy blogger

I've noticed that some of my favourite bloggers are either thinking about or have already decided to throw in the towel. I'll miss reading them. I understand though. It's not always easy to fit it in when life is also happening. Some weeks I have nothing to say. I've learned it's better not to say anything at those times.

I like writing. It seems to keep me grateful. I'm enjoying writing about my son. I hope he reads this stuff someday and gets a kick out of it.

I've also been thinking about something a friend of mine said the other day. She confided that sometimes she just doesn't want to play with her kids. It bores her. She asked me if I ever felt that way. Heck ya! I told her.

Sometimes when I get home from work I feel like my brain is fried. I only have enough energy to cuddle with Deaglan, make him dinner and watch a program. Getting down on the floor and playing with trains or dinosaurs just takes too much effort on those days. It doesn't make us bad parents. But it's easy to feel that way. I think parenting can be isolating if it's not discussed with other parents.

I read something that rubbed me the wrong way a few days ago. A popular blogger referred to herself as sounding like one of those 'droning mommy bloggers'. She said it as if most of the time she's not but the post she had written (where she was explaining how wonderful life was since her second child had joined their family) that day made her sound like one of those 'droning mommy bloggers'. I think it bugged me because it seemed derogatory. Who cares right? I'm a mommy and I'm a blogger and most of the time I do drone on about my kid.

That's all I have.


  1. Kim, I love you! I echo your thoughts. Why does blogging have to be about competition or about anything at all except what the author wants it to be? It is your blog - write about what you want and who cares who reads it or not or thinks of it highly or not.

    I found myself getting caught up in some blog drama and then I removed myself from the situation. I decided I don't care how many followers I have or how many comments people make. I just write for me.

    Oh and I'm happy to hear that you don't always have energy to play with your child. Since as I type this, I'm totally ignoring mine right now, LOL! I belong to a private group on where we gripe a lot about being a mom and how hard it is, guilt-free. We love our kids and love being a mom but sometimes we need to vent and a break too. It's normall and not everyone is happy all the time, I don't care what lies they say. ;-)

    Anyway, if you ever want to vent or drone or laugh, you know where to find me! :-)

  2. We LOVE you!!!! And you NEVER drone!!!! ~Janine XO

  3. I can read your posts all day!!! I think it's healthy and wonderful to connect with other mommy bloggers. I can't tell you how many times I was too tired to play Legos or trains. We love our kids, but we are human too. Hugs my friend. Hope all is well!!

  4. If you're a droning mommy blogger than keep it up. I love reading your words. It really is like stopping for a brief visit.

    By the way, the hair cute looks even better in this photo!

    By the way, hang in there on your project. It will happen when the timing is right, you'll see. Want me to send you some of our water?

  5. I haven't been blogging that long, and I have noticed too much angst lately. Maybe people are blogging for all the wrong reasons, maybe they get caught up in stats, and how many comments they get when compared with more widely read blogs, I don't know.

    And don't worry about being a droning Mommy blogger, we all drone on about SOMETHING!

    I don't think our job is to play with our kids all the time, they need our nurturing, cuddling, our attention, but they don't need us down on the floor on a regular basis. I did read to my kids every night though. And they're all grown up and the remember the stories I read.

  6. Yeah, but she doesn't have the Lil D-man at home waiting. The blogging thingy? Oh, yeah. I'm always a whisker snip away from pulling the plug. Just not enough time to do it properly. Take care~rick

  7. I may be thinking about throwing in my blogging towel. Too many things to do, but blogging does make me feel good. Expressing my thoughts, getting love from others, and of course reading their blogs as well. I love to hear about others kiddos. Most stories I can relate, some I learn from, and then of course the ones that make me laugh. I still hanging on. Less posting but I'm still here :)

  8. pfft. We all have a propensity to drone on about one thing or another. Writing is an outlet for you and a treat for your readers. What one person may perceive as "droning on and on" another perceives as just the right words that she needed to hear at that moment in her life.

    I have never perceived you as droning on.

    (And I hate playing with Legos. There. I said it.)

  9. Wow, I feel that way too sometimes and have beat myself up about it. Nice to hear that I am human. :) I also enjoy writing about my boy because he is such a big part of me. :)


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