Saturday, 16 January 2010

A pregnant woman's bliss

The very talented writer Elizabeth Bradley honoured me with the Happy 101 award. It requires that I list ten things that make me blissfully happy. Since I am mid pregnancy I will share with you the things that make me happy these days.

1. Sleep - oh if sleep was sold in a jar I would take my life savings and buy every last bit that I could afford.

2. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, nibblies, bites...I guess food in general.

3. Energy to get things done. When I get an adequate amount of sleep I almost feel like my old self and am able to cross off of tasks from my to-do list.

4. Jodi Picoult novels - this is a new joy I've discovered. My close friend Lesa loves Picoult's novels and told me about them.

5. Baby kicks - recently I've started feeling movements from the baby inside. It is the BEST part of pregnancy. Related to this is hearing the baby's heartbeat at my monthly midwife appointments.

6. Deaglan and Shaune - they are my love, my home, my life.

7. A clean house.

8. The smell of Gain detergent.

9. Picking Deaglan up from daycare. It's the best part of my day seeing his snotty little face again.

10. Moments I stop and realize I will soon be mother of two.

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If you have a note on your blog that you don't want to receive awards please forgive me and feel free to ignore me.


  1. How funny - I had just gotten a post ready for today, and stopped to catch up on my blog read. Good thing I came here before I posted, because it was on this very list!

    And by the way? The lack of sleep issue is why you can't be spending every possible second entertaining Deaglan - you need to be getting some sleep now while you still can. But I totally understand why you feel compelled to cherish the last bit of having just one child.

  2. You must be a very happy person - there is so much that makes you happy!

    I'll see what I can do about continuing the tag - right now we might be having our baby girl tonight!

  3. Congratulations - and what a wonderful list of things that make you happy!

    Thank you for awarding this to me too - I actually did the same list recently - here's my link, in case you want to see it!

  4. I remember number one. Having been pregnant five times, I really do relate to your "happy moment", and ten more wonderful bloggers to check out too. ;-)

  5. I remember number one. Having been pregnant five times, I really do relate to your "happy moment", and ten more wonderful bloggers to check out too. ;-)

  6. I love your "happy" list! I'm so excited that you're starting to feel those kicks. That's my favorite part of pregnancy too! I miss those.

    Thank you so much for passing this wonderful award to me! You're a terrific friend :)

    Hope you're feeling well!!

  7. Thanks Kim for my very first award/tag... here's my post:

    Glad to hear your doing well!

    Email me about these so-called rumors. ;oP

  8. I dont' think I have said congratulations!! I'm so excited for you, and can honestly say that SLEEP is still a precious gift that can never be gotten enough of.. really. Congrats again, I hope to be back in full blogging swing soon. Having two is tough on blogging!

  9. Great list. I loved feeling Noah kick too. I am looking forward to playing along! Thanks :)


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