Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Those greeters get a bad rap

I was in a department store (starts with an S and ends with an S) that I never shop in unless I've either received a gift I need to exchange or a gift certificate I need to spend. I don't know what it is about this store but it really bugs me. The layout, the merchandise, the sales associates and even the customers irritate me.

Then it came to me.

I was in there with Naveen a few weeks ago exchanging an outfit he received because the sizing was all wrong. It was a summer outfit that would fit him in the middle of next winter.

There we were, walking through the store, stopping to look at ladies' dresses (we have a wedding to attend next week), housewares (I'm looking for a shelving solution for the space next to the fridge) and then moving onto the second floor to infant wear.

And do you know that not one person commented on how cute my little Naveen was? Not any of the middle aged female sales associates, not a single one of the 900 seniors that were milling about trying on overpriced shoes and overcoats who I'm certain were grandparents to infants like him. Not one person.
At one point I wanted to approach a group of grandmas passing by who didn't so much as take a second look at my sweet baby (who could easily star in a Gap ad or be the Gerber baby if you ask me) and say:

Excuse me! Are you blind? Do you not see this adorable perfect child? Is there a reason you're not stopping to tell me how unbelievably gorgeous he is??
Even when I had found the right size and waited for 20 minutes so that the sales associate could figure out how to do a straight exchange of the exact same item, no one so much as uttered awww he's really cute or even he looks brand new.
At least at Walmart people know a cute baby when they see one .


  1. How could anyone resist such cuteness?? I've been in "those kind of stores" too and often feel like certain high brow shoppers think my rambunctious crowd should be hidden away.

  2. Ah Kim... He is a cutie!!!
    I can totally relate though... when Aiden was relatively new... I never received comments. I think it's just the way things are these days... everyone has tunnel vision and are only focused on their destination and not the adorable babies they may pass along the way!

  3. I will often get hurt when someone compliments one child and not the other. One does get more compliments than the other, but I still get this pang of sadness when someone says I have an adorable little guy but does not bat an eyelash at the baby or vice versa.

    He is adorable!

    And right now I'm boycotting Babies R Us - the baby store.


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