Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My left arm and all my nicest shoes for sleep

When you're getting as little sleep as we are over here, your mind starts to work against you. For instance, I'm obsessed with all the people who also recently had babies and claim that those kids are sleeping four and five hour stretches at a time.

It's easy to wonder what you're doing wrong or different that if you just change would add up to the magic that would lead to Naveen snoring through the night.

What is magic though, is how little sleep you can actually function on when you have to.

Someone said to me a week or so after I had the baby - when is that baby due???? Even a full night's rest doesn't take the sting out of that. The poor woman felt terrible when I told her that I had the baby and he was out in the car with my husband.

Exercise and weight loss aren't even on my top 20 priorities right now. I think about how nice it would be to fit into some of my regular clothes but am making do with the post partum outfits I've put together. You'll notice I haven't posted any pictures of myself lately. The other day on an outing I asked Shaune if the dress I was wearing made me look still pregnant. He looked nervously over at me, swallowed and barely audibly said no.


I tried to find a picture of the two boys together where they were both looking at least content. But this was the best I could find. Deaglan does want to hold the baby all the time but it ends up with Naveen looking like this.

And Deaglan's reaction is to ask: what's the baby saying Mommy?

Probably something like: hey why are you letting this spaz-case hold me Mom? But I always say something like: Oh he's saying how much he LOVES his big brother!


  1. Hang in there, my friend :) That picture will be a classic. I never had success with babies sleeping. Even the fourth time around, I said to myself, "Geez, why can't I get this kid to sleep?"

  2. I happen to love the picture. It captures life with a toddler and a newborn perfectly.

    If it makes you feel any better, Trevor, who is now 4 months old is not even close to sleeping all night - he nurses *at least* two times every night. I think we've had ONE night that he slept for six hours straight. Honestly, it was kind of nerve-wracking to me.

    And it might make you feel even better to know I recently read the most interesting article about breastfeeding and babies and how they were not 'designed' to sleep through the night. Really, it was so reassuring. I'll look for it and get back to you with the link.

    Also, do you co-sleep? I know it's not for everyone, but one of the best things I've ever learned is how to nurse lying down next to a baby. Baby wakes up, guide a nipple into his mouth, you both are back to sleep within minutes. Trevor's not been in his crib since he was born.

  3. Kim, here's the article I mentioned. It's a wonderful read!


    (Sorry, I don't know how to make this a link, so you'll need to copy and paste into your browser.)

  4. I love the picture too. This is real life and I'm sure you look beautiful. Eventually things will settle down. I promise. Until then much love and hugs to you my friend.

  5. hopefully in a few weeks he will start sleeping a little longer. Gracie is starting to sleep a little longer through the night now...week 6 has been the best so far! and that is a good thing because i am back to work!

  6. Ha ha ha! I have a version of this very photo with my own boys.

    It WILL get better, but I well remember the exhaustion.

  7. Your Header is AMAZING!!!! So beautiful. I love the photo of the two boys. I think it is a classic photo, I have one like that with my two girls. I love that Deegan is still smiling, trying to make the best out of the photo. You have beautiful children.

    The good news is, the exhaustion will pass. Eventually, life will get on a regular routine and you will feel semi-normal again.
    I'm positive you look as beautiful as ever. Raising 2 boys, a new born is going to just take time to adjust. Hang in there, enjoy the good moments and know the stressful times will pass.
    In the end, remember what beautiful boys you have and how much fun and joy they will bring you throughout your life.

  8. Sorry I spelled Deaglan's name wrong. I don't know what I was thinking. Brain is leaving my body. My friend's little boy is named Deegan. Total oops. Anyway, the photo is still amazing, can't wait to see more.

  9. I cannot believe I missed this post. I unfollowed a blog that posts 10 times a day and I think yous was mixed in with one of those. Hopefully now it will be better.

    Soon Deaglan will be making Naveen laugh - just wait. No one can make T Rex Princess laugh like her big brother! It's awesome.

    Sleep will come. Hang tight.


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