Friday, 16 July 2010

The toddler

As challenging as these days are, I wish I could really capture them in my mind so that I will always remember.

At 2.5 Deaglan is his own person so much so that sometimes we have to remind ourselves that he really is only two.

Like this morning when I asked him (for the hundredth time) to get out of the baby's swing he responded with: Mommy please don't talk to me like that, I don't like it.
He even had my tone right.

Most of the time he is sweet and loving often telling all of us that he "wuvs" us. He's crazy about his grandparents and his baby brother, wants constantly to play trucks where he will assign you the truck you are allowed to use and has a million questions mostly about inanimate objects like bridges, ambulances or other moving vehicles. It usually begins with - look mommy there's a bridge! What's the bridge doing mommy?

He thinks, like his Dad, any noises emitted from the body are downright hilarious and he will not hesitate to announce Mommy tooted!!! should you accidentally experience some gas in his presence. And then quickly Say excuse me, mommy! Say excuse me!

Today as I was toting Naveen around in the carrier while boiling a turkey dog for Deaglan's lunch stepping over toys and crusts from his toast this morning, I found myself affirming:

This is exactly where I'm supposed to be. It's okay that this is the fourth time I've given him a turkey dog in three days and it's okay that the house is a mess and it's okay that I've threatened to put him in a time out 15 times because he won't stop trying to hit the baby's head with a balloon. This is my life right now.

I know that I won't remember these days. I don't remember much about the blur of the first three months of Deaglan's life either. All I know is that this time around I'm a bit more relaxed, a bit easier on myself and a lot more aware that I better enjoy the moments I can because they go by so damned quickly!


  1. maybe a moment to sit and make a list of what is important - maybe only ten things - like - 30 minute time out with Mommy reading a story. (no baby btother)
    like a hot nutricous meal ( does it matter that it is hot dogs?)
    like making sure he doen't hit brother no matter how soft the object is. all the rest is superficouse - love / hugs / laughter - these are what is important and is what we remember when they are grown and gone.

  2. I love what you say - this is exactly where you should be! And just embrace it. Kids are resilient - turkeys dogs are not so bad!

    When anyone passes gas in our house, T Rex says, "It's alright - normal body process." Guess that's what happens when you have a nurse for a mother!

  3. kim, i have a pic very similar! check mine out soon!

  4. You don't want to know how all my big kids are regressing these days. Too many ups and downs. But I do agree with you that I need to focus on all the joy that is here with kids in the house. Love that last picture of Deaglan!

  5. Continue to see the bright, positive in all that you do. ;) YOU ROCK!!! and INSPIRE!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, what is it with toddlers and infant swings? I have one that loves to climb (and get stuck) in the exersaucer, too. I also took pictures. Ha!

    It's all so true, Kim. This is exactly how it's supposed to be, even the time-outs and the turkey dogs and it's more than okay, it's perfect. I am a planner and a controller by nature, but these babies getting bigger are the best reminder that I need to let the messes go and not get too hung up on DOING and just enjoy BEING. Being a mommy, my kids being babies for such a short time. It will go so fast and your kids are SO lucky that you realize, that, too.


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