Monday, 30 August 2010


Every few weeks I run into someone who says hey, I read your blog. It surprises me a little but not too much. I've made a link to it from my facebook page, and I also have pockets of people in the different parts of my life who have always read it and sometimes send the link on to their friends and family.

What does surprise me though is how strongly they feel about certain aspects of it. Strongly enough to make suggestions or backhanded critiques as if I am writing it as part of a job and they know how I can do that job better.
A blog is such a weird thing when you think about it. I mean I've always written in a journal, probably all of my adult life and most of my teen years. But a blog takes journalling to a whole new dimension. It's no longer something that might accidentally be read by a snooping parent or partner. Suddenly your life is out there for people to read, to judge, to agree or disagree. It's this aspect that is tough to take as the writer. It forces you to censor yourself, leave out parts of your life that would make for good material and it behoves you to consider your readers.

Mostly I write for the joy of writing and seeing my thoughts - well my life in that writing. I've learned a few things about myself so far in this lifetime. I need to excercise regularly, my house needs to be clean most of the time and I need to write almost everyday. These three things are what I need to feel healthy, that my day-to-day life is thriving.

Blogging isn't about writing meticulously - it's not an essay for university or college, or a business memo for work or even a book report. It's supposed to be informal and relatable and hopefully interesting to some people. My style on this blog is very matter-of-fact and as someone pointed out to me recently - conversational. I've just found that the blogs that keep my attention are a good combination of personal mixed with informational and they have to be written so that it's fun and easy to read them.

I try to write about what's going on in my life at that moment. Sometimes I've crossed the line into being preachy, or complaining, and often I've been repetitive. I figure that it's my blog, my choice of content. I'm happy when people get anything out of it but I'll keep writing even if they don't.

Shaune says he reads my blog at work almost daily and it thrills him to see a new post. See what I mean about censoring? Imagine the posts I could write if he weren't reading!

This is a picture of Deaglan and his three paternal aunts (Katie, Tanis and Chrissy) last Christmas.


  1. I like your blog and also look forward to reading it! Keep doing what you're doing!

    Hope all is well and sleep is in your near future! :o)

  2. I, too, am amazed when someone says they read my blog. Then they might comment to me but I often wish they would just leave a comment - I so enjoy reading them.

    Love the photo, too.

    And I should try to find you on facebook. I was actually thinking of starting a T Rex Mom facebook persona.

  3. i too am excited when you post something new. i love your blog!

  4. I get what you are saying about people over evaluating what we put out here. I think of it as a journal, a refuge, a place to just vent or create. It really is whatever I need it to be at a given moment. I also wonder what kind of posts I would put up if my hubby didn't read them. LOL.

    I want to find you on Facebook too. Send me a note and we can "friend" there also.

  5. Only a select few people I know in person read my blog. But it makes me insane to get suggestions about blogging from anyone. It's mine!

  6. I agree...we keep reading because we are inspired, connected through humanity and life. Glad we found each other!


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