Friday, 10 December 2010

Nobody does it like Nancy and Tracie but here's what I came up with.

I read this post a few nights ago and promised myself I would try a similar one. I really need a bit of levity today. It's dim outside. The baby has been up even more throughout the night than usual and we've been snowed in for going on a week.

Here are the yays and boos of my last week:

Yay: I've finally started to feel a bit of the holiday spirit.
Boo: Much to Shaune's silent horror, I've been turning just about everything into a Christmas craft. Did I mention that I'm not artsy in that way at all?

Yay: Deaglan is doing great with the potty training and is in underwear most of the time meaning we're saving on diapers.
Boo: Either I need to improve my butt wiping skills or invest in some darker coloured Fruit of the Loom briefs.

Yay: Naveen is thriving, he's healthy, hitting all the milestones and recently started eating cereal and some baby food.
Boo: This healthy little nightowl is now teething, so is awake even more throughout the night and to top it off, his poop smells like he's been eating hotdogs and skunk pie.

Yay: I bought an awesome advent calendar from Costco a few years ago and this is the first year Deaglan is really into it. We filled it with hershey kisses.
Boo: I've already had re-stock the hershey kisses once and it's only the 10th of December. Sadly Deaglan had nothing to do with the disappearing kisses.

Yay: We've been doing a lot of fun holiday baking with Deaglan.
Boo: I'm eating cookies for breakfast lunch and dinner and am possibly suffering some sort of sugar-induced rut.

Yay: My friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding and we chose dresses a few weeks ago.
Boo: My plan to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by May and thereby have the dress taken in isn't going so well. Cookies and kisses.

Yay: Deaglan is becoming more and more articulate.
Boo: He has stumped me several times this week when negotiating:
  • a later bedtime
  • why he should be able to eat dinner in front of the TV 
  • why he should be allowed to eat cookies for breakfast (this one didn't take too much ingenuity - he caught me red-handed)
Yay: Deaglan is asking a lot of healthy questions about life.
Boo: He insists that he will have a vagina when he gets big like Mommy regardless of my numerous explanations to the contrary. (Wrong on so many levels - first of all Mommy is not big)

Yay: I'm on maternity leave which means I'm saving money on buying new work clothes for the season.
Boo: If I keep up my current diet, the only pants I'll be fitting into are Santa's and he needs them.

My wonderful real life friend Lesa's mom Sharon made the Christmas ornaments for the boys.


  1. I love this. Great pluses and minuses. Being stuck inside is really tough on everyone. Plus, the lack of sunshine makes everything more difficult.

    I am really sorry to hear Naveen is still giving you a tough time. We'll keep hoping it gets better. And Deaglan sounds like just a little man. He's so cute I just want to squeeze him. I think it's because he reminds me of my little guy.

    Good news about being in the Christmas spirit. I have lots of kid friendly Christmas decorations that the kids have been playing with. It's been heavenly to actually cook a meal and not have to run interference every 5 seconds.

    Lovely, lovely ornaments.

  2. "Wrong on so many levels - first of all Mommy is not big"

    This made me laugh hard!

  3. I don't see how cookies for breakfast lunch and dinner could be bad. ;)

  4. "the only pants I'll be fitting into are Santa's and he needs them"

    That's going to be my new mantra!

    (Stopped by from The Red Dress Club)

  5. I love this post. I might have to copy the idea :)

  6. great post! I think we all go through times filled with the Yay's and Boo's :)

    Visiting from Red Dress Club

  7. We're not so much about decorating at Christmas as baking. So thanks for reminding me...I've gotta get going!

  8. What a fun post, I laughed and winced all the way through! Snow (shudder), yup, as Forest Gump once said, "..and that's all I want to say about that." Those ornaments are gorgeous, what a lovely gift! Thanks for opening my day to a smile.

  9. cool post! I might have to borrow. I always thought baby poop should smell like rose water and apple pie...go figure!

  10. Thanks for using this knocked it out of the park. So many are funny, but for some reason, "skunk pie" had me on the floor.

  11. great post.

    I don't see a thing wrong with a gingersnap, a peanut butter cookie or and oatmeal with raisen cookie with milk for breakfast. try to find a low sugar recipe and let him enjoy them and his breakfast time. Yes I know I am a grandmother there fore not responible for strong bones and teeth. but really how differect are these cookies from childrens cereals?

  12. Hilarious!
    I'm right there with you... but it's so nice to have someone else admit it first! lol

  13. so i laughed out loud with the whole deaglan and vagina thing......ha ha

  14. This was great. You had me giggling a lot. I needed that. Thanks. Cookies and're SO like me!!!

  15. Fabulous that your little guys are growing, thriving, and are doing so well. And Deaglan in undies most of the day?? Whoo-hoo indeed!


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