Friday, 7 January 2011

I love Ikea

Nothing gets me more excited than the possibility of a trip to Ikea. I know, I know, I seriously need to  get a life. It must be because I'm such a bargain shopper. I realized the other day, I like things because they are a bargain. It feels really wrong to me to pay full price for anything. That being said, when I go to Ikea, I have Winner's and Homesense prices in mind and compared to those prices, Ikea always comes out cheaper. Plus they have well made furniture that's reasonably priced.

What don't I like about Ikea?

Going with a husband, a three year-old and an infant. The whining, the squirming, the crying. And then there's the kids. Just kidding Shaune.

In all seriousness there is nothing fun about taking a toddler and infant to Ikea. You need to be strategic and last weekend we weren't. We brought the double stroller so that one of us was pushing it while the other walked with the cart. The baby was tired of this setup in about four minutes forcing me to carry him. Deaglan wanted to know if he could walk on his own at about the same time. We hadn't even begun our journey through the showroom.

Why didn't I bring the backpack to carry Naveen? Why didn't I leave Deaglan at home with grandparents? Why did I think Shaune was going to like shopping all of a sudden?

And no trip to Ikea would be complete without one of us giving the other the silent treatment before getting to the cashier. Something about using the eight digit labelling number to find your item in that enormous warehouse with a now crying baby, whining, repetitive toddler and a fed up husband who doesn't even want the shelves we originally came to  get because the number he wrote down in the showroom was not the right one.

Fun, right?

Here's a few things we've gotten recently to contain our growing needs.

We bought one of these Trofast shelving units several months ago but once the new shipment of toys came in at Christmas and Deaglan's birthday, the second was needed. Because we have a small house, there is no "play room". Our living room does double duty.
We hated our old microwave stand but couldn't agree on a new solution. Shaune really liked a few of the other options Ikea offered but we didn't have the room in this specific spot to accomodate them. We went with this simple basic model and have loved it. The Bekvam is great because it can be painted and re-purposed if we get bored with it here. And the candles and candle plate are Ikea too! I bought two sets of these candles (five pillar candles in varying sizes) for $11.00!
We bought the Besta Adal for our front foyer. We had a bench but it had taken quite a beating over the years. This bench is perfect because I can hide my diapering needs (well not my diapering needs - you know what I mean) and new mail in the drawers and it is a good place to set down purses. My two baskets here hold mitts, scarves and hats.

I didn't take pictures of the hundred little things from Ikea that have made life easier since the babies came. Plastic plates, cups, cuttlery, bibs, hooded towels, and much more.

I'll leave you with this commercial from Sweden.


  1. Makes me wish we had an Ikea here. But I hear you, I definitely have to plan our outings strategically - with lots of snacks and carrier devices. And if we only have 0-1 melt downs per child, it was a completely successful trip regardless of what was purchased.

    I, too, like a good bargain but sometimes if I can get it for a little more online delivered, then I'll go that direction. With gas over $3/gal and sometimes it a couple gallons to drive where I want (big state we live in), then I'll happily pay the difference to Amazon. My sanity and time are worth a lot to me.

    Thirft stores are my favorite! In fact, I'm wearing a 100% cashmere sweater right now that washed up beautifully and I only paid $3 for it. It was worth that gallon of gas!

    I hope you are well and getting a little rest while also chasing those handsome boys of yours.

  2. We have a love hate/relationship with the Ikea in Seattle-love the prices, and the quality you get for your money, but we hate the little pathway that runs through the store and the people with their carts right on our heels (literally) who want to go faster than we go. Over the years we've gotten some pretty amazing stuff there, but we have to be in the right frame of mind when we go. (When Amy was little she'd always end up bringing home half a dozen or so of the little orange pencils-she thought they were pretty exciting!)

  3. Wonderful sentiments of care and flare of beware our care of share and care...

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye. Take wonderful and gentle care.

  4. I love ikea too. I'm going to have to check out that organizer next time I'm there. It looks like just what I need to organize my mess. I agree. The trip is much better without the kids.

  5. It’s the simple pleasure in life :) And wow what a successful expedition. It’s all for the home. Home is just about everything in this earthly life. You brought your home with you, and brought things back for the home – sounds balanced to me – and simple – and good.

    God Bless and Keep you and all of yours

  6. Love this! I have a love/hate stance about Ikea. I love the deals, the showrooms... oh, and those Swedish meatballs!

    But I've learned that taking the kids there can sometimes negate all of that joy. That, and having to put all of it together when I get home. :)

  7. Although I like the simple, clean lines of Ikea furniture, I'e never actually been in one of the stores.

  8. I always get sucked in by all of those little gadgety things at Ikea. A $3 flower pot? Sure! Sign me up! ;)

    Thank you for your beautiful comment today. I would love to talk to you about this more, one day.

  9. Store trips are always taxing on my nerves. Love those solo trips that I take here and there. I can actually think straight while I shop. I need to go to Ikea one day. I hear that they would help organize me. I need that help!

  10. you are so right about shopping with kids. you have to plan, plan, plan... schedule around their nap and feedings and make sure they have something to do. Then there are the things you can't anticipate like stroller or carrier? throw in blowouts and tantrums and it's enough to make you want to shop online!

  11. IKEA is one of my FAVORITE places to shop. I have to be careful, because I could go bananas in there. I really love their clean lines. I have been eyeing the shelf with the colorful pull out buckets forever...I should just gift myself. That is after I finally decide on some book shelves. LOL


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