Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Doctor and Her Mother

Naveen had his six month immunizations today. We're a few months behind due to everyone around here being sick. The doctor said he was a bit on the slim side. When she heard that he was a crawling maniac, she conceded that his weight was normal.

Then she asked about Deeg-lan. Three years and numerous obnoxious attempts on my part to correctly pronounce DeCK-lan's name within her earshot and still she refuses to learn.

I really like her, she's a lovely person. Mid to late forties, larger build, short brown hair and single. On my visits we always make a lot of small talk, mostly about her life, her next trip, where she's eating that night, what kind of wine she likes, her favourite TV shows. I have to be really strategic  in cutting her off at just the right time if I have health related questions about the kids-which I always do.

She told me again today how she hopes to meet a cute guy on her next trip. Looking around her intake rooms it's no mystery to me why she stays single but it's not something I feel comfortable bringing up. Picture calendars of vacation photos of her and her eighty year old mother. In matching T-shirts or sun visors or tropical vests. Every picture. Her and mom. They always travel together whether it's to a remote island or a cruise. I can just imagine the two of them sitting on the beach under huge hats and umbrellas, lathered up with sunscreen, sipping on enormous fruity drinks. 
I can't imagine why men don't approach her on vacation.

Oh and if you're wondering if Shaune is wearing the same shirt as the last time I posted him here. Yes. Was this the same day? No. It's not for me to judge but I will say you can lead a horse to water. You can't make him put on one of the other ten shirts neatly folded in his drawer.


  1. I said to Grant the other day, "Is that a shirt I got you when we were 18?" He said, "I don't know." Well, he is definitely not Mr. GQ. It fit way too tight!!!!

    Glad that the boys are doing well. You take terrific photographs. You better add photography to your creative talents, Ms. Kim :) Love ya!

  2. Marlie slimmed up quite a bit when she started crawling. Doctors...sheesh. Book smart yes, not always so bright socially though.

  3. Gosh I can't imagine a Dr talking to me about their personal life like that. Some yes, but not that much. I don't wanna know if my Dr has trouble meeting men (I hope he doesn't) or not.

  4. Wow, she is an open one...she must sense that you have a listening ear...:)

  5. i can picture you giving her advice about her mother and then you needing to find a new doctor! that is hilarious!

  6. Even though I love Amy so much, and dread the day she leaves home-for her sake I want her to have her own life.

    I wonder what the story is-why your doctor never was able to live her own life and is still so tied to her mother. Matching t-shirts...hmmmm

    As for the t-shirt, Shaune looks nice in purple:)

  7. I took one trip with my mother - to Greece. It seriously cramped my style. Never again.

  8. WOW, an amazing lady... but I can't imagine taking a trip with my mother. I don't think I will survive that sort of an intensity. ;-P

  9. I'm sad that your baby doctor is this way. Actually as a health care provider I am trained to spend the visit with the patient talking about them not myself. It's tough because sometimes (okay most of the time) I want to say, "My kids...this" or "I have had this experience..." But the fact of the matter, it should be about them not me.

    By the way, your little guys is just too cute!!!

  10. You never know, maybe they'll meet a father-son duo!

  11. But when he looks so handsome in it - let him wear the hell out of it. Worse would be wearing something hideously ugly so that people think you don't care about him at all. lol

    I'm catching up on a few posts - but to comment on why I keep coming back.... because you say what I think. Your words are a comfort and reassurance that I'm not the worst mother in the world for not wanting to play, or for getting exhausted with the constant "Mommy, mommy, mommy,mommy...".
    It's nice to know you're right there with me. Struggling not to swear, to find time for your husband, to do right by your children, to be perfect when all you really want is a few minutes of peace.

    For that, and so much more - I love your blog (and of course you). Thank you.
    XO Shel.


    funny (smiling)

    And yay to your hubs for not being forced to drink the water.

    Thank you for this today

    God Bless and Keep you and yours

  13. Socialized medicine at it's finest? Down South we'd say "bless her heart!" LOL ;))

  14. My husband wears the same clothing too. Why do I even try?

    I love how you've captured a little moment in life here.


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