Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My post is featured at Blogher

Someone insinuated recently that I wasn't being authentic here on my blog. She didn't come right out and say that, but I sensed it's what she meant. From the tone of her message, I gathered that authenticity to her meant full disclosure about every aspect of your life.

I wanted to laugh out loud at the absurdity. 

I think about the appropriateness of my content daily. For almost four years I've been blogging here. I've evolved over that time but have tried to stay true to my self and my vision for this space. My content rarely strays from stories of my everyday experiences of mothering. Sometimes I write about what it was like to be me as a kid. I've written plenty about the death of my sweet beautiful brother Matthew. And I throw in a post here and there about marriage.

And even though I get that some people might have a problem with my header for this month, Shaune and I discussed it and we're good. But this doesn't mean I don't draw the line somewhere. I never write about work, or specific people I dislike or have had conflict with. Vengeful writing is a big snooze-fest to me. I ask myself if I'm offering any goodness before I hit the publish button. I don't need to get anyone riled up unless it's for something worthwhile.

I think I'm rarely controversial. 

Yesterday Blogher's Career section editor Paula Gregorowicz chose my post How to be a working parent as her Featured Blogher Network Post. She said:

Check out this working mother's take on balancing work and motherhood. While I'm not a mother, I can only sit in awe of you who seem to do it all. This blogger has a revolutionary realization that is guaranteed to strike a bell with many.

And there it was. Her comment was all the confirmation I needed. I was being authentic enough.

Thank you to all of you also, you who reaffirm this for me on every post with your heartfelt, genuine comments. Blogging has gifted me with dozens of friends.

If you feel like it, please leave me a comment over there. I've turned comments off here.