Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I love a good story

Today on the way home, the DJ played Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days. He might as well have dedicated it to me. It’s just what I needed after the day I’d had. That song is the right amount of rock and vocals if you ask me. If I was a different kind of person, I might have slapped the steering wheel to the rhythm of the drums, nodded my head to the beat as I sang along.  I didn’t do that. I’m just saying.

Excellent. Song.

My high school boyfriend John flashed through my mind. He introduced me to Springsteen when I was 15, a love he’d inherited from his Dad I think. He took me to the Tunnel of Love concert at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, where I got to witness firsthand the Boss’s stamina and amazing stage presence.

I thought back, too, on earlier times with Shaune before we had the kids. Times when after getting home from the bars we’d play our favourite music and take turns singing along, loudly  and as close to the original as possible– a sort of karaoke off.

Glory Days was often in the queue on those nights. Of course so was plenty of red wine.

I listen to CBC Radio 2 on my drive home. You never know what Rich Terfry will play. He always has interesting little tidbits about some of the songs, which for me is just as good as the music. Like the other day before he played this Mowglis song he told us that when Lindsay Lohan tweeted that people should listen to it, the Mowglis’ album sales went  through the roof and their website practically exploded  from the sheer number of people trying to access it. Lindsay Lohan.

I love a good story.

My favourite thing recently is to eavesdrop on the boys. I can’t get enough of their little conversations especially when they like each other. I feel well within my rights in doing this. I guess I look at it as auditing for supervision purposes. And if I'm going to be perfectly honest with myself. I’m also mining for blogging gold.

I know there will be a day when this will be considered high crimes. A time when they won’t speak so freely in my presence.

I have to tell you. I dread that day.  

A few mornings ago before work, while I was ironing my clothes, I heard Deaglan tell Naveen that Mommy was sick. (I pulled my groin muscle and had been laid up on the couch over the weekend.) I can’t remember Naveen’s response but Deaglan continued saying,

“I hope Mommy gets better soon so she can go to her job and raise enough money to keep our house for a little longer.”

A) I hadn’t missed a single day of work for this injury I swear! And B) How devastating that my five year old thinks we’re barely hanging on by a financial thread, one step away from living on the streets!


  1. Oh I'm a total eavesdropper too. It's so freakin' adorable listening to kids have conversations. And I'm sorry but I giggled at Deaglan's observation.

  2. I'm an eavesdropper too, although at the moment the conversations are still rather one-sided. I had to laugh at the Deaglan's rational.

  3. I remember those days:) Now I'm thankful to have raised a daughter that I trust enough to not feel the need to eavesdrop on when she talks to her friends.

    Your boys are so precious Kim:)

  4. Sometimes when I buy things, my kids worry aloud about whether they will still be able to go to college. I don't know where they got the idea that we are that close to being destitute since they've always had everything they've ever needed. Maybe it's justa kid thing?

  5. Hilarious!!
    Thanks for visiting & commenting recently. :) I still keep up with you! A while back when you were stressing a little about finding time for blogging, work, life, etc., I decided to stop commenting on your posts so you wouldn't feel obligated to respond back to me! lol :)
    I share your sentiments on February by the way...worst.month.ever.

  6. Oh my. Deaglan strikes me as an old soul. Did you ever figure out why he was worried about losing the house?
    My daughter is always sharing her innermost thoughts, sometimes shouting them at us. Their minds are capable of forming such intense fears.
    p.s. I just love the way you weave words into threads of silky sentences.

  7. hahaha, oh my! Thank you for the laughs this morning!!
    I hope you're feeling better. Now, get to work and go raise that money! *wink


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