Monday, 6 May 2013

I've practically forgotten about winter

 In the spring especially, this little space behind our house becomes an extension of our living room. We can rarely find any good reason to leave it.

I took these photos while Shaune was calling the kids to dinner this evening. They were allowed to eat up in their tree fort. Home made chicken nuggets, fruit salad and rice.

Naveen  had to be called (ahem, threatened) a few times before he finally made it up to his meal.

 Shaune made us grilled chicken, roasted tomatoes and beets on top of sautéed peppers, onions, and mushrooms. In my wild fantasies, the kids would be eating this too.

 Ten minutes after this picture, Deaglan fell while swinging from this wooden beam Naveen is hanging from, bringing himself and the beam crashing to the ground. He's now laying on the couch with an ice pack to the back of his head. Huge goose egg.
 Naveen helped mow the lawn yesterday morning. Lawnmowers, like vacuum cleaners hold a very special place in this guy's heart.
Deaglan's favourite kind of smile these days - the creepy smile. He sees through my cheap attempts at reverse psychology when I shout "Don't smile!" from behind the camera. For a while it got me the perfect dimply smile. Now I just get this.
 Grampa and Gramma came for a visit yesterday. Shaune barbecued sliders and put out avocadoes, pickles, spicy mayo, and all sorts of other toppings for our mini burgers.
 This baby cardinal fell out of its nest and luckily the mother nurtured it back to health.
I've practically forgotten about winter.


  1. We're having a little cold rainy snap, but warming back up this week so I'm trying not to complain too much. I LOVE that last shot of the cardinals.

  2. Kim, here's a kiss for poor Deaglan's head-I hope he's feeling better!

    When I saw the picture of Naveen "mowing" I had visions of myself at 90-out mowing in my diaper! LOL! Gawd, I hope not!! ;)

    I wish I could come over for dinner-Shaune is amazing!!


  3. Aren't you loving spring and all the booboos that come with it?!

  4. I'm loving that Spring is here too!


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