Saturday, 31 July 2010

Heart of Gold

On the way to the library today, Deaglan kept saying: Heart of gold Mommy, Heart of gold. It took me a few minutes to figure out that he was requesting a song. We were in Shaune's car, the one he has been driving Deaglan to daycare in since I had the baby.

I only knew one song with that title and it was by Neil Young. I tried the CD player and sure enough the first song was Heart of Gold by Neil Young. I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw that Deaglan's lips were moving. He actually knew most of the lyrics and was singing along.

Sing with me Mommy he yelled over the music. I joined him in the chorus and had to smile to myself. Obviously he and Shaune listen to this quite often together on their rides to the daycare but I was still amazed that he not only loved the song but also knew almost every word. We had to listen to it three times on the 12 minute drive to the library.

I can't wait to tell him about this when he gets older.

Monday, 26 July 2010

To Naveen - a love video


today you are 8 weeks and I'm a little behind. This is a video of you two weeks ago.

Love always,


Friday, 16 July 2010

The toddler

As challenging as these days are, I wish I could really capture them in my mind so that I will always remember.

At 2.5 Deaglan is his own person so much so that sometimes we have to remind ourselves that he really is only two.

Like this morning when I asked him (for the hundredth time) to get out of the baby's swing he responded with: Mommy please don't talk to me like that, I don't like it.
He even had my tone right.

Most of the time he is sweet and loving often telling all of us that he "wuvs" us. He's crazy about his grandparents and his baby brother, wants constantly to play trucks where he will assign you the truck you are allowed to use and has a million questions mostly about inanimate objects like bridges, ambulances or other moving vehicles. It usually begins with - look mommy there's a bridge! What's the bridge doing mommy?

He thinks, like his Dad, any noises emitted from the body are downright hilarious and he will not hesitate to announce Mommy tooted!!! should you accidentally experience some gas in his presence. And then quickly Say excuse me, mommy! Say excuse me!

Today as I was toting Naveen around in the carrier while boiling a turkey dog for Deaglan's lunch stepping over toys and crusts from his toast this morning, I found myself affirming:

This is exactly where I'm supposed to be. It's okay that this is the fourth time I've given him a turkey dog in three days and it's okay that the house is a mess and it's okay that I've threatened to put him in a time out 15 times because he won't stop trying to hit the baby's head with a balloon. This is my life right now.

I know that I won't remember these days. I don't remember much about the blur of the first three months of Deaglan's life either. All I know is that this time around I'm a bit more relaxed, a bit easier on myself and a lot more aware that I better enjoy the moments I can because they go by so damned quickly!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Those greeters get a bad rap

I was in a department store (starts with an S and ends with an S) that I never shop in unless I've either received a gift I need to exchange or a gift certificate I need to spend. I don't know what it is about this store but it really bugs me. The layout, the merchandise, the sales associates and even the customers irritate me.

Then it came to me.

I was in there with Naveen a few weeks ago exchanging an outfit he received because the sizing was all wrong. It was a summer outfit that would fit him in the middle of next winter.

There we were, walking through the store, stopping to look at ladies' dresses (we have a wedding to attend next week), housewares (I'm looking for a shelving solution for the space next to the fridge) and then moving onto the second floor to infant wear.

And do you know that not one person commented on how cute my little Naveen was? Not any of the middle aged female sales associates, not a single one of the 900 seniors that were milling about trying on overpriced shoes and overcoats who I'm certain were grandparents to infants like him. Not one person.
At one point I wanted to approach a group of grandmas passing by who didn't so much as take a second look at my sweet baby (who could easily star in a Gap ad or be the Gerber baby if you ask me) and say:

Excuse me! Are you blind? Do you not see this adorable perfect child? Is there a reason you're not stopping to tell me how unbelievably gorgeous he is??
Even when I had found the right size and waited for 20 minutes so that the sales associate could figure out how to do a straight exchange of the exact same item, no one so much as uttered awww he's really cute or even he looks brand new.
At least at Walmart people know a cute baby when they see one .

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My left arm and all my nicest shoes for sleep

When you're getting as little sleep as we are over here, your mind starts to work against you. For instance, I'm obsessed with all the people who also recently had babies and claim that those kids are sleeping four and five hour stretches at a time.

It's easy to wonder what you're doing wrong or different that if you just change would add up to the magic that would lead to Naveen snoring through the night.

What is magic though, is how little sleep you can actually function on when you have to.

Someone said to me a week or so after I had the baby - when is that baby due???? Even a full night's rest doesn't take the sting out of that. The poor woman felt terrible when I told her that I had the baby and he was out in the car with my husband.

Exercise and weight loss aren't even on my top 20 priorities right now. I think about how nice it would be to fit into some of my regular clothes but am making do with the post partum outfits I've put together. You'll notice I haven't posted any pictures of myself lately. The other day on an outing I asked Shaune if the dress I was wearing made me look still pregnant. He looked nervously over at me, swallowed and barely audibly said no.


I tried to find a picture of the two boys together where they were both looking at least content. But this was the best I could find. Deaglan does want to hold the baby all the time but it ends up with Naveen looking like this.

And Deaglan's reaction is to ask: what's the baby saying Mommy?

Probably something like: hey why are you letting this spaz-case hold me Mom? But I always say something like: Oh he's saying how much he LOVES his big brother!