Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Just for you

Sometimes when I look back at us I shake my head and laugh - remember the cross border beer runs at midnite??

Sometimes I feel sad for the tough times we had to endure.

Sometimes I can't believe how many times you've created lovely meals just for me or that you are just about the best karaoke singer I've ever heard.

Other times I marvel that we've come so far and have created this family that I've always wanted.

This was you that first year we lived together. I think you were 22.

I remember going all out for each other's birthdays...remember the watch I had the waiter wear and then sell to me for five bucks?

Or you wrapping my very first cell phone in the napkin at the restaurant and then going into the men's room and calling it as I just sat there wondering who the hell wasn't answering their phone?

We don't really do those things anymore and honestly I'm okay with that. I know that the best gifts - well I already have them. I hope you feel the same. Happy Birthday honey! You don't look 35.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Complaining about how tired I am these days doesn't have the same impact,even on me. It's nearly impossible to feel sorry for myself at the end of a workday because I have to make Deaglan dinner and then still do the bedtime routine. I 'm not even all that tempted to whine to somebody about how many times an hour I have to drag myself into the bathroom because the uterus has already started to put pressure on my bladder.

I've tried to stay conscious and remember what's going on in the world. I've been reminding myself regularly throughout the day that people are suffering, really, really suffering.

Why is it so easy for us to forget? Sometimes I wonder what it would really take for a person to change. You would think that having lived in one of the poorest countries in the world for the first seven years of a life, really knowing hunger, and having felt the shame of begging on the streets, that I wouldn't get too comfortable in this life - so easy and so abundant. But I do get comfortable and forget often.

I donated I reason with myself. What else can I do? That's the question that stumps me.

Since I gave birth to Deaglan I've wondered what I could offer his soul. I know that we take very good care of him. And culturally I can't give him much as far as my birth place. I was raised in a caucasian Canadian family. Lately the answer has been floating through me. I need to give him awareness. Consciousness. This place we live - this isn't the whole world. There is a great lack in a large part of the world. Maybe if I teach him to be aware, maybe something will change.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Haiti. I'm sorry this is happening to you. I'm sorry you are suffering so much.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

A pregnant woman's bliss

The very talented writer Elizabeth Bradley honoured me with the Happy 101 award. It requires that I list ten things that make me blissfully happy. Since I am mid pregnancy I will share with you the things that make me happy these days.

1. Sleep - oh if sleep was sold in a jar I would take my life savings and buy every last bit that I could afford.

2. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, nibblies, bites...I guess food in general.

3. Energy to get things done. When I get an adequate amount of sleep I almost feel like my old self and am able to cross off of tasks from my to-do list.

4. Jodi Picoult novels - this is a new joy I've discovered. My close friend Lesa loves Picoult's novels and told me about them.

5. Baby kicks - recently I've started feeling movements from the baby inside. It is the BEST part of pregnancy. Related to this is hearing the baby's heartbeat at my monthly midwife appointments.

6. Deaglan and Shaune - they are my love, my home, my life.

7. A clean house.

8. The smell of Gain detergent.

9. Picking Deaglan up from daycare. It's the best part of my day seeing his snotty little face again.

10. Moments I stop and realize I will soon be mother of two.

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Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Sun

Did you ever stop and look at your life and wonder how you got so damned lucky? Today I thought a lot about the overwhelming sadness going on in Haiti. I also went to the hospital and saw this perfect tiny foot of the little boy growing in my tummy.

the foot in the sand is Deaglan's this summer at the beach.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Progress report

My pregnancy's progressing pretty well. I'm almost 19 weeks and the nausea is gone (halleluja!).

Life is pretty normal except that every week I find myself scrounging for something different to wear to work. My maternity clothes from the last pregnancy have lost their appeal - most of them seem dingy and out of date and since I already feel that way, I don't need my outfits advertising it.

As I mentally prepare for the arrival of the new person, I waiver between a calm excitement and outright panic. On the one hand I think of how amazing it will be to be a family of four and have a tiny baby to snuggle again. However there is also the fearful part of me who wonders how I will be able to take care of two without letting one suffer. I know it's been done before and I know it's possible but still the fear of the unknown is not lost on me.

I was going to wait to potty train Deaglan until the last half of my maternity leave - we're so fortunate in Canada to get a full year off - but lately he's exhibiting signs that he might be ready now. Whereas he was having a BM every day, a few weeks ago this changed to every 3-4 days. In between he is at times doubled over in pain from gas. His diet hasn't changed - he's no champion vegetable eater but I manage to get some good grains and fruit into him daily and tons of water. He's showing other signs too, so this week we bought some underwear and have begun the training. Lots of fun as you may remember if you have kids.

This second pregnancy is so different for me than the first. The last one seemed magical with each new phase unfolding as I read about the wonders going on in my body each day. This time I feel an overwhelming need to make sure Deaglan is getting all of me as often as I can give it. I've read too that husbands are less interested in the technical aspects of the second pregnancy and that's certainly true for us. Although Shaune is concerned about my well being I can tell it's not as magical for him this time around either. Both of us are thinking about that first little while when you have no idea how to comfort the new baby, aren't getting any sleep and aren't sure if this is what you thought it would be.

I've had some great advice from friends with more than one child though and would welcome any tips from you veterans out there!