Friday, 16 January 2009

D Day

Fridays are now Daddy and Deaglan days. Because Shaune's in sales he has a day off during the week and Sundays off. Today was the second full day that he has taken care of Deaglan. I got over my panic of last week after coming home on Friday night and Shaune exclaiming excitedly "Deaglan loves timbits!" All of my worst nightmares ran through my frightened mind...visions of Deaglan walking around in a dirty diaper shivering (because he was only wearing a diaper) with a bag of potato chips in his hands. Once I regained my sanity I remembered how fun the two of them are together and realized that Deaglan would never see the inside of Home Depot or Canadian Tire on my watch or get as much rough and tumble loving that Shaune gives him from me. Today at work I didn't let my imagination run wild wondering what they were doing. I just wished them special daddy and Deaglan time.

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