Saturday, 10 January 2009


Well, the first week of our new routine is over. We got through it but not without incident. By Thursday, I was feeling okay enough. I let the entire morning go without calling the Daycare to see how Deaglan was doing. When I came back to my desk after lunch I had a voicemail from April (one of Deaglan's educators in the infant room). I called her back and she let me know that I would need to pick him up immediately because the Daycare's furnace was broken and there was a concern about CO2 immissions.

Other than that we had mostly sleepless nights. I think he needed to know that I was still around for him because he woke up every two hours or so and many times I felt compelled to go into his room and comfort him. The reward at the end of this very loooooong week is that I get to spend the next three days hugging and kissing him.

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