Monday, 2 February 2009

Lost for good

In preparation for Deaglan's birth we had bought several soothers. Through trial and error we found that only one really did the trick. It is the red one with the helicopter on it photographed so many times on this blog. Between Shaune and I, we have lost it a dozen times at least but have always managed to find it. Two weeks ago I came home to Shaune blurting out this statement...You're gonna be really mad at me when you find out what I did. After asking him a few questions I was able to find the soother. This past Friday he said the same thing only this time instead of waiting til I got home, he called me at work. I could tell by the tone of his voice that this time was different. He and Deaglan were running some errands and as far as Shaune could gather the baby must have dropped it in the stroller while they waited in line at the MTO. Then when Shaune was folding up the stroller to put it into the back of the vehicle it must have dropped out in the parking lot. My reaction surprised even me. I told him it was fine and that Deaglan would get used to a new one. Still Shaune was upset and insisted we go back to the MTO parking lot and look for it. Of course we didn't find it. When we finally got home this array of soothers sat on our kitchen table. I bit my tongue from commenting because I knew Shaune was genuinely upset by losing the soother. We both were thinking the same thing - it would have been nice to keep for memories sake. It's been several days and Deaglan has been fine without his red helicopter soother.

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