Sunday, 15 February 2009


Finally we've started our Thomas and Friends collection. This past summer during my mat leave we (Deaglan and I) often walked to Chapter's where there was a complete set-up in the children's area. I wanted to start buying pieces so that by the time Deaglan was old enough to enjoy it, we would have a good start to a Thomas and Friends train set. I've been paying a lot of lip-service to the idea and today Shaune said: Let's just go and buy a piece already! I was so excited that I just had to blog about it. It is a good purchase to start with. Compared to all the other pieces they had at Toys R Us, this one was less expensive and it came with two engines (Thomas and Percy) plus some tracks for only $20.00! I hope that Deaglan gets as excited about it someday as I am today. I also hope that he will one day be able to pass it on to his kids.

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