Sunday, 8 March 2009


Lots of pictures of him I know but every new thing he does is so amazing to me. He's always LOVED the cat but these days he's taking this to new levels. Although we keep a close eye - the poor cat can only take so much, we also don't want to discourage these very large shows of affection.


  1. You can tell how much he adores the cat! Your cat seems to be a good sport. They will have a great friendship over the years!!

  2. Oh.. this is too adorable. My toddler has been giving HUGE hugs to our female Lab (only her, never our male Lab) and it's so, so cute.

    How did you make this super cool collage?!

  3. I created this through this website thanks to another blog I landed on.

  4. Kids just don't seem to understand that too much hugging and kissing is hard to handle for an animal! My son still does that with our dog, and he's 11 now!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! You have a very patient cat.

    CJ xx


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