Monday, 16 March 2009


Deaglan has a diverse ethnicity. I am a first generation Bangladeshi. Actually, Bangladesh became a country the year I was born. It used to be East Pakistan. Shaune was born in Sarnia, Ontario. His parents were also born here but a couple of generations back there is Irish and English heritage.

I wonder what his experience will be as a mixed race person. I hope that the world will be kind to him. I hope he never experiences any limitations based on what he looks like. I hope he never puts limitations on others based on what they look like.


  1. When I look at your son's face, all I see is a beautiful little boy!! Happily, I think our kids' generation love being a big melting pot of various backgrounds, cultures, races and religions. Our world is a better place today because people from all backgrounds share ideas, creativity, faith and love. With all of his parents' love and example, Deaglan will grow up to be a kind, fair, welcoming person. Don't worry :)

  2. I agree with SM, you have a very beautiful boy, and I would never have stopped to think what his heritage was. But when you mention it, we have a good friend who is Pakistani, and his eyes remind me of hers.. super dark, very intense!

  3. There is one thing I don't like in this world and that's racial prejudice. We are all the same, human and individual. The majority of us have a beauty within.

    I wish the world would start to see each other in the same light.

    CJ xx


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