Sunday, 1 March 2009

Look who's NOT talking

I apologize for the bad movie title reference. But in true first-time mom fashion I have been staying up some nights wondering (worrying) why my now 14-month old hasn't said a word yet. I mean he does speak all the time - just not English. I've turned to other mothers, ones with a bit more experience and they all say the same thing - nothing to worry about, he'll talk when he's ready.
During these times of self-torture, I argue that he does know what I'm saying. I can ask him to get his milk or water and he knows the difference. He knows what his choo-choo (soother) is, will grab snoopy if asked, has his own special sound for Crash (our cat) and waves bye-bye.
It's when I see other kids his age saying things. Like the little genius Olivia in his daycare room who points at my son and says "baby". Yes, I say to this little know-it-all, it looks like he still is a baby since he can't talk yet and you can and you're one week younger than he is.

Why do we do it? Why do we attach any meaning to how fast or slow our kids develop? Why do we take some sort of credit when they do something faster than other kids (Deaglan walked at 9 months!!) and take it personally when they aren't as far along (Deaglan still doesn't sleep through the night)??


  1. I can so sympathize with what you are going through. Two of my three boys were considered "late talkers". They really didn't start saying anything until around 2 1/2. Once they started, everything worked out fine. I think boys start later. My daughter started talking at around 15 months. She never stops :) Remember that your son has great comprehension and listening skills. He is just learning all about communication in his own way at his own pace. I know how other "well meaning" moms may have way too much to say about your child's development. You're doing a great job!!!

  2. I can relate to this as well! My toddler (now 20.5 mos) didn't say much of anything until way after his toddler girlfriends did.. girls are MUCH earlier/faster talkers. I signed with him pretty consistently and he signed back; the pediatrician said don't worry about talking as long as he was comprehending, which it definitely sounds like your little guy is!

    It's so hard not to compare, or worry, I think all of us great Moms do. (:

  3. Whoops--thanks for stopping by, too!

  4. i thought my son would never talk...then at about 20 months...BOOM! now he talks ALL.DAY.LONG! in fact, right now he's playing with daddy on the floor with cars and he hasn't stopped talking the whole time!

    give it time...just like everything else with these lil' guys! patience is soooooo hard...ARG!

  5. Heya! My first time on your blog. I love your blog. Its fabulous. Stay sassy & fabulous. It keeps 'em guessing. I will be back. Ciao.

    ~ Secret Diary

  6. My daughter talked very early, but my nephew (born six weeks after my daughter) didn't speak much at all even though he walked first.
    Maybe it's a gender thing?


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