Friday, 3 April 2009

The apple and the tree

My friend Kelly over at My voice, my view tagged me to do a post on picky eating. My journey in this area has only begun and I'm already feeling defeated on a daily basis.

The surprising thing is that Deaglan is the offspring of two very enthusiastic eaters. Shaune and I spend a good portion of our time either planning what we're going to eat, preparing what we're going to eat, or eating. It's a love we share. Shaune is the best cook I've ever known. (Check out his recipes over at the Cook's table) When we were new, food was central to our falling for each other. We went through all sorts of phases - different restaurants had us hooked, Indian, Italian, diners, breakfast food, seafood, sushi, steak houses - you name it we would try it.
Shaune is a very generous cook. He gets pleasure from watching people enjoy what he has made. Often I've said to him - I don't know what you would've done if you ended up with a picky eater for a partner. It wouldn't have happened he always replies.

So it has been quite heartbreaking for him when our pint-sized dictator won't even taste the hand-breaded chicken fingers before throwing them on the floor or refuses to open his mouth to try the homemade butternut squash soup his dad has worked all afternoon to make.

I really hope this changes. For now there are a few things Deaglan won't say no to. I'm embarrassed and ashamed to tell you that a lot of them include sugar and deep frying. He loves the chicken nuggets that McDonald's makes and will gobble up chocolate chips if I offer them. He also loves cheese - in fact it's the one word he's been saying lately. Cheese! He also tolerates yogurt, pizza and bacon on most days. I'll tell you one thing. My idea of good parenting certainly has changed over the last year and a half. You won't find me judging other parents easily!

Just to continue this fun I would like to tag my friend Jenn over at Monkeyland.


  1. Great post!!! Deaglan and my daughter, Jillian, would get along well with a McDonald's mcnuggets feast. She tells me often that she will only eat that chicken. You're so lucky to have a chef in the house. I'll have to go check out his recipes now. I have a feeling Deaglan will outgrow this phase and be joining you soon at your yummy dinner table :)

  2. Oh my heavens!!! My boys are 14 and 11. I have never been able to get them to eat! I ponder if the 14 year old is anorexic. I also love to cook. is a great foodie website. Just this last month the 14 year old started to consume a mass amount of peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Yes - you read right. He has about 3 foods that he will eat. Peanut butter and banana, chicken soup by campbells, pancakes, and donatos pizza. Anway.... good luck!

  3. This was a great post! And I have to tell you, it made me feel so much better about my own picky eater. Part of me was worried that my poor cooking skills were contributing to his pickiness...even I can tell that food isn't that great. But you have a talented cook and a love for food and you still have a picky eater ... so, even though I totally feel for you, it made me feel a little better about my own situation! I'm not sure how old your son is but mine is 4 and we are SLOWLY starting to get a little more adventurous in what we will even try so perhaps it is an age thing!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! ; )

  4. Oh boy Deaglan and Charlie are alike. The only thing is Charlie doesn't like McD's except for the fries. I am hoping that he will enjoy food as much as me at some point!

  5. This is so funny. My son favored cheese for about two years as a toddler/preschooler. He now only eats it sometimes. I believe children are so similar no matter where they come from. They eat what is good to THEM. Not what we want them to eat. LOL. :)


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