Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday shoot-out Eh?

Reggie at Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff has Friday shoot-outs and the theme today was your hometown eateries. We live in a medium sized city in Ontario and although it isn't our hometown, it's growing on us. We've lived here for about ten years. We miss the beautiful beachfront of where we grew up but this place is special because this is where we got married, and had our son. I had to include this - our national treasure. Tim Horton's or as as we Canadian folk refer to it - a Timmies or Tim's.

This is Joe Kool's and it is specific to the culture of our city. People come here just to have lunch or enjoy the nightclub atmosphere after the kids have gone to bed. We live in a college and university town which means this place is packed throughout the school year with students.

The Tasting Room is lovely restaurant with a wonderful wine list and great food. It's close to where I work and is one of the places workplace occassions are celebrated.

Our city has some really good places to eat but it also is over-run with roadhouse type chain restaurants. Having a resident chef and a baby who is in bed by 7pm, we rarely go out to eat anymore. Mostly you'll find us at home enjoying a delicious home cooked meal.


  1. Becoming a family in this town has made it home for you. So true. In Deaglan's eyes and heart, it always will be. Now someday I'll have to take a trip up and try out Timmies:)

  2. i miss london - great walks and restaurants. funny enough we have timmies 2 blocks from our house!! i prefer the red roaster!

  3. Wow Kim, you did a fabulous job here!!! I used to live on the beach as well so I know what you mean.
    Tim Horton's, Timmies and or/Tims sounds marvelous.
    I particulary just like the name of Joe Kools. I'll bet the colleges kiddos do pack that place out....especially at night!!
    I like how the Tasting Room sounds. Our Uncorked here sounds a bit like that.
    You have a resident chef? Okay, I'm soooo jealous. I'd never go out to eat either :)

  4. i have never been there, but would like to visit someday. and you are making me hongry. :)

  5. I meant to ask you to visit GingerV's blog (she comments on mine....sorry, you'll have to look there....I stink at those linky things, lol).
    She graciously keeps a running list of "Friday Shoot-Out" gang members so we can all have a little look-see at each other''s snaps. Isn't that sweet. I wish that I had the time, but she's such a sweetie. Please visit her site and tell her that you and now a "Gang" member okay?
    Have a marvelous day my dear and..

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl


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