Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The shallow end

A colleague came by my work cube today and commented on the pictures of Deaglan.

"He looks just like you." she said.

My heart did a little leap.

It's funny how you take an opinion like this as a compliment. Both Shaune and I hear comments like these all the time. We've noticed that people think the baby looks like the person they know better. So if it is a friend or family member of mine they usually think Deaglan looks just like me and the same goes for Shaune if they know him better.

I'm surprised by this aspect of parenthood. I'm sort of embarrassed that I am absolutely thrilled when I hear that my son looks like me.


  1. No one ever tells me my kids look like me. *sigh*

  2. Hi Kim,
    Don't be embarrassed, it is great when you hear that your child looks like you!
    Our youngest is the poster child for recessive genes (tall, blue eyed and fair) and doesn't look like either one of us. I am happy when people don't automatically assume I'm the baby-sitter!

    I am loving your blog!

  3. You are so right! I have found people who tell my my son looks just like me know me better and those who say he looks like my husband definitely know him better. So interesting to me!

    Cute photo - and I am never tired of compliments about my little one!

    And for the record, you little guys IS cute!

  4. Kim,

    I'm here to tell you that I know both you and Shawne equally, and I think your son looks JUST LIKE YOU and he's GORGEOUS. You should be very proud.

    Amy (& Kendall)

  5. My daughter only recently started looking like me - since she was maybe 14. I am so thrilled by that now, I can see why you would be.

    She always looked so much like her dad. In a way, I was offended because I was the one to "grow" her, PLUS I had the dominant genes.

    Your little guy is so cute.

  6. It is lovely Kim, so don't feel funny about it.

    I have five and none of them really look like me. I was mightily offended at first, because i felt the same as BecomingKate - that I grew them and birthed them, but it is o.k, it is apparent in other ways.

    Your little man will always be a mix, just lap it up if someone sees you as dominant. :D

  7. I heard a rumour that you were given a prestigious honour by David Mc Mahon. Congratulations, your post was one of the best.xx♥

  8. I love hearing that my kids look like me too probably because I think that they are beautiful, just like Deaglan, so I always take it as a compliment and so should you. Very cute photo too!

  9. He's adorable.
    I too take it as a compliment when anyone says any of my kids look like me.
    I had a foster daughter...who everyone said..we looked a like. It made my heart soar as well.

  10. I like hearing that my kids look like me too! It's funny though how certain members of my husband's family seem to refuse to see me at all in the kids. I know I popped them all out!!! Deaglan is a cutie:)

  11. Very cool! I'm constantly opening my big mouth and telling people their kid looks like the other parent... and then I wonder if I'm being offensive. "oh - your son looks just like your husband..."

  12. Don't be embarrassed - you should take it as a compliment, seeing as your child's so dern adorable!! Must mean people think you are too!

  13. Me too! Me too! (That I'm super flattered about my son looking like me!) Because he's clearly adorable. (:

  14. 3 out of my 4 favor Daddy, but people always say they look like me; and the one who does favor me they say looks like him - so who knows? I agree with you, I think they see the parent they know better...


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