Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Stations of the yard

Did you ever look forward to an event or a time in your life only to get there and wonder what you were so excited about?

This spring Deaglan is very mobile - something Shaune and I had discussed excitedly throughout the dreadfully long winter months. We said things like - "it'll be great when he can run around in the backyard!" - and - "won't it be fun to be able to play outside with him?!"

Well here we are and it couldn't be more work. Basically we now have another giant room to baby proof, only there aren't any doorways to secure baby gates between. We try to distract him with a ball but he wants to play with the rake or eat rocks or walk off of the edge of the deck.

In the house if he reaches under the couch, grabs something and sticks it in his mouth, I can be sure it is something remotely edible. In the backyard, not only am I afraid it probably isn't edible but I'm afraid to find out what it might be!

New hazards are popping up all the time. Potted plants can no longer be at ground level, the bikes need to be secured so that he can't pull them over onto himself, and if there was an old nail or stray piece of glass hidden in the grass, Deaglan has found it.

Gone are my fantasies about reading a book and watching him play.

So we've started to set up little playstations. Here we you see the sandbox station. This has been fairly successful at focusing his attention - and will be very successful when he stops eating the sand. There is also a basketball station. And he enjoys this as long as we are whooping it up every time he puts the ball in the net. We're also planning on putting up our pool and getting a swing for the tree in our front yard.

Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of fun to see your child grow from season to season and explore all the activities that go with that season. But I think the key is to manage my own expectations. All those lazy afternoons sitting with a book, sipping on an ice cold Corona and lime will have to be put on hold for now. I'll be on bug patrol:(


  1. Awwww.........what a handsome lil fellow that Deaglan is!! Girl, you're going to have to beat those hormonal teenager's off with a big fat stick I tell you, lol.
    I know........when they start that running around it's like a merry-go-round isn't it? I remember that.....I also remember sleeping very well at night after a day with the little ones........
    Ahhhh....one day this will be a precious memory for you and you won't be so tired that you can't enjoy it, lol :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. When Jamie was little, we kept the yard pretty bare! Everything went into a tub that got hauled out from under the deck, then went back under afterward.
    At least if he falls, it's soft grass!

  3. Like midlife said,'tis is just the beginning :D.All the very best.And All the very 'rest' too...grin


  4. i remember last summer was the first time i didnt have to go into the pool with my kids, i could just lay out in the sun........and now, i have a new baby! i am starting over....anyway...time flies..before you know it, deaglan will be independent and you will be able to have that corona.....and cry your eyes out because he is soo big!

  5. Oh, yes...I remember!!! But oh, so much fun!!!! And your little guy is so wonderful!!!! He must be the light of your life!

  6. The sandbox station is so cute!! I just hope he doesn't eat too much sand, lol!

  7. You couldn't have said it any better...I totally feel the same way about my daughter playing in our backyard!

    Isn't it funny how baby proofing is full of all sorts of unexpected things that we never imagined that there would be?!

  8. Oh, Kim I feel for you. It's so exhausting to watch little ones when they are outside. I think you are very smart to set up play stations. Kids get into everything. Don't worry it will get easier. He is just an adventurer now so you'll have to join him on his daily explorations every minute! When he sleeps contentedly at night, stretch your legs out and give yourself a treat. You deserve it!

  9. I hear you! We're going through the same exact thing! But luckily our yard is too bad - we are looking into a few things to help.

    I figure a few bugs and some dirt doesn't hurt - right?

    Usually we go right from playing outside to the bath tub!

  10. That's pretty funny. At six, six and almost four my husband and I can sit in the back yard and sip wine while they kids play outside. I remember those days of chasing them around though.

    Your opportunity to read and sip Corona will be here before you know it.

  11. What a gorgeous little boy! Playstations are a brilliant idea.

    When my daughter was just over a year old I found her sitting in a corner, facing the walls and apparently pre-occupied. As I approached I realised she was chewing on something. To my shock and horror (it still horrifies me this day!) it was a cockroach!!

    But she lives to tell the tle herself now!

  12. It's funny how are expectations of their next stages in life leave out all the new tasks it'll cause us. I excitedly waited for my kids to talk, now I'm waiting for them to talk right. Bina mumbles or is all vowels and Connie whines or his lisp gets in the way. It take a lot of practice to get them to speak correctly, but well worth it.

    Have fun and don't worry soon you'll enjoy your book. Even if it is by the end of the summer.

  13. I am pretty sure that by end of summer you will be able to be a little less vigulant (is that spelled right?) My daughter is nearly 40 and I still worry - so that never goes away - but you'll learn to stay tuned without keeping the whole eye focused. Not with the pool though - teach him to swimm now then put up the pool.

  14. Sorry, Kim, all I could do was chuckle. I am SO with you on this.
    I am secretly looking for a good book and Corona and lime myself! We have that in common - yummo!

  15. Aww, but he's adorable while he's running around like a wild-child, right? SOrry it wasn't quite as you expected. :)
    Maybe you'll get those books and Coronas soon.

  16. Yep...I have to go pick up a little pool for our patio. Hours of fun! So worth the 20 bucks...and the bugs!

  17. Treasure these days with him! they go by so fast!

  18. Funny...Can relate to every bit you say:) CR's already dug out the neatly planted rows of flowers on our deck. Well, I guess, you can't have everything in life... plus Deaglan's a dahling:)

  19. Oh what a wonderful time. I have done the same thing, having high expectations and then getting a bit disappointed or overwhelmed at the outcome. I am learning to live right there in the moment. My days of neat and tidy were over very quickly with my son. I found myself kicking of shoes to dash over to stop a disaster and putting all sorts of things in my pocket (or bra) to throw away later. LOL How smart of you to set up stations. Perfect!

  20. Oh the outdoor dilemas...it does get easier. The different play stations are a great idea.
    Love the sandbox.
    Looks like a lot of fun.
    thanks for you kind words on my blog today

  21. Kim, Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  22. I'm laughing while reading this and shaking my head in an "aw, yeah, I rmember those days kind of way."

    My middle guy took a bite of dog poop. (And I was watching him closely!!) I about died. (Although he was a quick learner and never did THAT again.)

    The worst part of them exploring a new place, even after you think you've baby-proofed it? You still cannot imagine everything. You can only be ready to catch/react/sooth when it happens.

    The Corona & lime comes later, when he's asleep.

  23. Hah! funny how your expectations get lowered to reality, no? You can still sit and sip and read, but it will be during nap time :-)

  24. LOL! So true I can't help but laugh. The difference between our fantasies and reality is stark and painful, like a bee-sting. :) Watch out for those, btw. I love visiting your blog. You make me laugh. :)

    Also, congrats on the friendship award that septembermom awarded you. Well-deserved. She awarded me one for my artist blog. So happy to be acknowledged with people such as yourself! :)

    Happy Wednesday. Keep me laughing! ~Sara

  25. oh my niece used to eat sand at the beach. NASTY!!!!

    and relaxing and drinking corona with lime sounds fab!!!! i hope that is in your very near future!!!


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