Friday, 12 June 2009

Tall glass of water

I went out for a drink with friends after work. I haven't done that in a long time. We went to a newer spot down the street from work.

All the servers were very scantily clad - poor things. It can't be comfortable working like that. If I've worn the wrong bra or too tight a sweater to work, I am tempted to go home and change.

These young gals were in skirts that were little more than what looked to be lycra belts and teensy weensy itty bitty tank tops. I don't think any of them had eaten for well over a month - none of them weighed more than 80 pounds.

It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine notices that all the waitresses at the diner they frequent have large chests and look alike. She is convinced that the owner only hires good looking women with nice racks and wants to prove this by trying to get hired. When she applies she is told that they are not hiring at the moment. When she confronts the restaurant owner and accuses him of discrimination against plain flat-chested women (her) he looks at her puzzled. I don't know what you're talking about, all of these waitresses are my daughters.

Well the servers at the cafe tonight weren't related but sure did meet certain criteria. Very young. Very thin. And very attractive.

I'll go back to this place because we got great service and the atmosphere was fun and the decor was beautiful. But I can't help wonder if these young, thin, light women ever look at each other and say - hey how come none of us is chubby or male?


  1. At times, the general culture still sends the wrong messages...too much emphasis is placed upon a person's external appearance...your post identifies this problem boldly, powerfully and concisely! Bravo!! ~Janine XO

  2. Good post! And I LOVE Seinfeld!

  3. Its so bad that we have totally wrong role models in our society!It is the case of looks given more importance than health.In some african countries people are mal-nutritioned coz they dont have a choice!While here people are so coz they chose it and its fashionable :)
    Irony of life

    ♥ Chaitra

  4. No way - they look at each other and say "sweet - we made bank tonight; let's party!" and that's that.

    ps I LOVED that episode.

  5. I recently saw that Seinfeld episode!

    As for the servers, they probably don't find it offensive or strange in any way. When I was a server, we expected to make more money if we had more cleavage.

  6. they probably have no clue!

  7. Great episode of Seinfeld. I am not sure if the women even notice...I hope one day they will. :l ???

  8. Great post, and having worked waiting tables all through school, I totally agree with Christy.
    (Although I found that I got better tips when I was sarcastic and almost verbally abusive to my male guests...)

  9. Kim- it's just the age-old game that contiues to work. what a great telling of the Seinfeld episode. I think you told it better than they did! I like your attitude, "hey, it's kinda twisted, but the service is great" I can walk that road. ~rick

  10. i am so horrible that i wish you didn't get good service so you didn't have to go back there again!!! argh!

    there is a popular thai restaurant here in los angeles that has STUNNING asian waitresses. most chicks know that it is not a good idea to take your man there, as you (well this goes for me at least!) might just look frumpy in comparison. it kind of ruins the experience of the food, but maybe i am just ridiculous!

    hope you have a great weekend!

    and hooray for chicks that weigh more than 80 lbs. thank GOD for them!

  11. At least in their food deprived states the woman were still able to provide good service!

    By the way, I am working on that potty training post - I just need to take some photos to go with it now. Stay tuned. I promise it will be up soon!

  12. I love that episode of Seinfeld! Great post! I doubt they do look at each other and think that!

    P.s switched up the name of my blog...

  13. I will miss you a great deal while I'm gone...but will look forward to catching up when I return!!! You are a treasure, and I'm so glad to have "met" you!!! ~Janine XO

  14. I so remember that episode of Seinfeld! So funny! I'm sure those waitresses never look at each other and wonder why they are the same. I've been to those restaurants too that seem to hire all the same body type.


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