Sunday, 5 July 2009


Today both Shaune and I had our thinking caps on overdrive because lately Deaglan's eating habits have increased our blood pressures. Everyone says it's okay and it's normal and he'll eat when he's hungry but I can't help but wonder if something was off in the unification of my egg and Shaune's sperm and maybe by accident their was some sort of mix up and we actually created a lion cub and some lioness in Africa actually has our kid.

Because I will tell you, this kid is definitely a carnivore and a cheese-a-tarion. But vegetation of any sort he will not even entertain.

But tonight we finally pulled the wool over this feral child's eyes. We made a pizza using high fibre low fat pita as the crust, tomato sauce, vegetarian pepperoni and cheese. And he ate it!!

And maybe you'll think this is pathetic but I was so overjoyed I could have cried or at least danced a jig - sober.

So while I'm on this natural high that only parenthood can bring, please indulge me while I brag a little about some of the other milestones we've reached recently.

We are officially weaned! After I wrote this post (and I have to tell you all my blog friends, your support and personal stories helped me so much) I kept going with it because I knew that it was what was best for Deaglan and me. But then a while ago I read this post from my friend Jenn over at T - Rex Mom and Dad Tales, who's gorgeous little guy is just a month or so older than Deaglan, I knew that it was probably time I thought about it too. Jenn also inspired me with her what really should be a published-how-to-article on potty training to start toilet training my little monkey. We're entering the third week when I will start the really difficult part (as I imagine it) where I have to teach him to let me know when he has to steps I guess.

Deaglan is also now sleeping through the night (on most nights) in the crib with only three sides. We are still on the lookout for a toddler bed set but aren't really in a hurry to go there. It's not like there is someone lined up to take over the crib - yet:)

And finally and I believe most importantly he has begun to say "Mummy". And it is pretty darn glorious. It's like music to my ears. Like all that pregnancy stuff was worth it. Like the fact that I can't even dream of ever wearing a bikini or forgetting to wear a bra without some major surgery, okay.

Like totally amazing how this tiny carnivore could change my life and melt my heart with his every subtle change and expansion.


  1. Oh, how sweet to hear him say Mummy to you! Music to your ears :) Congratulations on a stress-free weaning. Good luck with potty training! Whenever my picky eaters try something new, I want to dance a jig too!!

  2. Don't worry about the eating :) My 2-1/2 year old went through that, she'd only eat PBJ, cheese, and meat. No veggies, no fruit. Of course, she missed out on a lot of sweets because the rule is you have to eat the veggies/fruit to get the sweets. Just keep putting it in front of him, he'll eat it when he needs to. Watermelon is always a hit.

  3. going from 'mama' to 'mommy' was bitter-sweet for me! i realized my baby was turning into a little boy! we are in a huge food rut over here! i need some help!!!! and like Jen...our rule is eating fruits and veggies first too then a 'special treat' (in the form of a couple animal cookies usually). he doesn't seem to i guess he's just not a hungry boy these days! congrats on your pizza endeavor!

  4. Pretty soon he'll be talking your ear off!

  5. I was so excited when I read Deaglan is saying "Mummy". I know how long you've been waiting to hear his little voice say your name.

    And it totally is the little things (like eating veggies) that make those long 10 months worth it!

    And thank you so much for all the kind words. I am so glad that some of my experiences have been helpful to you.

    So glad everything seems to be moving along. Isn't it something to see them grow up - it just happens so fast.

  6. Little kids go through phases with foods. Do not worry about any of it. Some days they'll eat a ton of food, some days you think they haven't had a bite. Don't worry.

    Grant went through a phase where it seemed like he would only eat things that were the color of cheerios or toast. All shades of light browns.

    Mummy? Awww!

  7. Kim-That's wonderful! and no one can resist pizza. Not even lion cubs. ~rick

  8. Beautiful!
    give it one year you'll wish he had never learned to say MOMMY.
    becarfull what you wish for. hugs and kisses GingerV

  9. motherhood is glorious! i am also going through a picky stage with my daughter. she will eat very little and pick here and there and say she doesnt like this or that......and then when it is bedtime she is HUNGRY! anyway....i am tired of her picky ways!!! Good luck to the both of us!

  10. Oh, great news all around! Yeah! I'm so glad he's eating better and saying mommy...and weaned and sleeping. Time for a celebration at your house!

  11. oh, these are such good things!!! yay!!! i am very excited for you! and the "mummy" part just must make your heart sing. :)

    i don't have kids, and it is not looking like i ever will, but i sure love reading all about your experience. it is fantastic. :)

  12. Congratulations on all of the milestones. "Mummy" is truly the best. Beware-and I know some other mothers will agree, there will come a day, or two, or 50 when you will pretend not to hear your name called. :) Truly-enjoy the journey. :)


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