Saturday, 15 August 2009

Day trippers

Well hello again! We've had a week off and as much as I hate to use the term, it was a stay-cation. I've posted some pictures here of some of the daytrips we took.

We visited with family and friends, went to the beach, the children's museum, lots of splash pads, and the African Lion Safari.

Finally the weather cooperated and this made our time off enjoyable and eventful.

I found this bike carrier on kijiji and love that Deaglan is right behind me on bike rides.

The African Lion Safari was a long day and this kid was really good considering. This is near the end of the day - we were there from 1030am to 530pm.

We watched the elephants taking a bath and later had a ride on one of these awesome creatures.

I couldn't wrangle the camera out of his hands until I replaced it with a beer at the end of the day. I think this may have been his favourite part of the safari.

We went to one of our favourite beaches - Ipperwash. Deaglan LOVES the water just like his dad. Afterward we had a late lunch early supper at Grogg's pub. Their fish and chips rock!

I'm looking forward to catching up with you all!


  1. I love the picture of you holding a sleeping Deaglan. So lovely. Looks like you had fun. I would love to go on the safari, but I wonder if Jillian would get cranky after a while. I enjoy having a staycation once in a while. There is a lot to do around town if you look in the right places. We're off to the beach tomorrow. I better get organized. You should see how much stuff I have to bring!!

  2. Those are some great photos! How neat that you got to ride an elephant. And I love that bike carrier -- I've been thinking of getting one for my daughter, but I'm chicken.

  3. Looks like such a great time. Wonderful pictures too. Very funny and you're right the beer probably would be his favorite part, my husbands too.

  4. Kim-
    Two good things;
    1. no Thomas the Train
    2. He didn't take one bad shot of your butt bent over.
    OK, been watching for some time now how you take care of Deaglan. Can I be Deaglan for awhile?

  5. I think the one with Deaglan sleeping is so sweet!!! All of them are great, what a beautiful family you have. What fun you all have too. I'm glad you take so many pictures, I love seeing them, but what great memories for everyone.
    That would be my husband's part of the day too, a nice cold beer.

  6. We've missed you. We love stacations. The only vacation we've done is the family reunion and that was only a couple hours out of town.

    I LOVE the photo of you guys on the elephant. That bike carrier looks really cool too!

    Looks like a nice time. Glad you got to spend it together. Those really are the best types of vacations.

    (Have you received your package yet?)

  7. that African safari looks amazing! so glad you enjoyed your time off and spending time with friends and family!

  8. YOU RODE THE ELEPHANT!! omg, that looks like so much fun! but i might be chicken to do it. unless i had a beer first? then, maybe. but they are so big!!!

    and so glad you had fun.

    i hate that stay.....tion word, too. ugh! i hope someone comes up with a better term soon!

  9. OH, so much fun. The elephant ride looks amazing. You are a brave one. We are trying to squeeze in one more mini-stay-cation before school starts.


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