Friday, 21 August 2009

The lunch crowd

There’s a fully equipped gym where I work, outfitted with the latest treadmills, ellipticals and such, a certified training staff who besides offering personal training at discounted prices also instruct classes ranging from spinning to kickboxing to yoga. Membership to employees is only ten bucks a month, which is such a bargain considering this fitness centre is accessible almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Before Deaglan came along I was fairly committed to working out. I rarely joined my colleagues for lunch in the cafeteria and chose instead to complete my workouts. And so when I was mentally preparing myself to return to work, I fully intended to get right back on the fitness horse and tighten, tone and trim the havoc child birth had wreaked on my body. However, this was not to be.

I don’t know what happened but suddenly I am desperate for social interaction. I look forward to lunch like a prisoner with yard privileges. But it’s not like my homelife is stifling or too much; if you’ve read this blog at all you know I’m one of those annoyingly happy new moms who thinks the sun shines out of her child’s – well you get the picture.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we’re having martinis and sushi at some trendy café Samantha and Carrie-style. More like soup of the day and whatever’s on the salad bar donning business casual on the fourth floor with a group of marketing specialists (no offense to my friends in life marketing – I think you guys are just as much fun as the girls from Sex and the City any day).

Adult company in the form of light and easy conversation without having to constantly tell someone to get down from the table or get off the cat or please stop drinking the toilet water is a luxury I had never before fully appreciated.

It’s one of those events that shines brighter after you've become a parent. Something you used to take for granted like sleeping in or going to the bathroom alone but suddenly skyrockets in value because you realize how impossibly elusive it has become now that there is a little person to think about first.

I think about working out all the time, I know I should. But it’s just so much more fun to catch up on how Kim R's home renovations are going or what Alex did on the weekend or Keri’s in-laws' move to Mexico, not to mention Crystal and Shannon’s trips to the cottage.


  1. That makes total sense. You don't have to give anyone Cheerios or a sippy cup. (Most) big people can be reasoned with and (most) want to engage you in conversation.

  2. Wow I can TOTALLY relate. I remember when my older son was around 18 mos. I suddenly needed to be around other adults desperately. I joined gymboree and some other tyke activities and couldn't figure out why I hadn't figured out to do that before - or maybe I hadn't needed to do so until he became a toddler? I wish blogs had existed 13 years ago - I could have used the community of bloggers then as company!

  3. I so hear you. I, too, get desperate for adult social interaction. Sometimes I think folks get annoyed with me because I jabber on and on about meaningless stuff when I have a captive audience!

  4. I totally get it. I miss lunches like that. Maybe you can try and squeeze your workout into your day before or after work? Maybe two or three days a week even?

    If not, then just enjoy this time in your life with you little cherub, and know that you can work out when you're older!

  5. I totally agree with you. once you become a parent social interaction with adults is very important. after i had my first i was home and with the baby all the time. i started talking like a baby...i almost forgot how to talk like a normal adult! so yeah, while working out is important too...i think the social adult interaction is just as important! plus you can find time before or after work to work out right??? : ) LOL....oh yeah,, you're a mom i forgot! no time to even pee!

  6. Kim-yes, balance is needed for sanity. Enjoy!~rick

  7. I'm so jealous Kim! I miss having lunch with everyone! It was definitely a highlight for me when I worked there. Glad you're having fun with everyone!

  8. Kim, this is so true...I have found myself craving these adult interactions as well. You are not alone. :) Even my home workouts are invaded by Noah. Of course, his yoga moves outshine me completely! :)

  9. I understand this and remember this so well. When my oldest was born, I thought I was going to go crazy, if I didn't get to spend some time with adults, and just talk about adult things. One night, I called a friend and had her come get me, she took me to dinner and I felt like I won the Lottery. Just that time away, having dinner, like the old days, talking about grown up stuff, re-energized me.
    I wish that blogging existed back then. I think it would have helped a lot.

  10. I really miss those times without being on Mommy duty. I have to carve out some time away from the kids soon. I can tell that my stress level is high these days. Can you tell that I've been with my wild bunch every single day of the summer? I'm so grateful for blogging as a "place to go" even for a few minutes away from kid craziness.


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