Saturday, 19 December 2009


I've never been a big fan of Christmas but know that this will not do in my near future. It's not the essence of the holiday that I disdain; it's all the hype and marketing that comes with it. When people ask if you if you're ready for Christmas what they really mean is - are you finished buying. I know that this is what it has come to mean in our society.

Luckily I still have a little time to grumble because Deaglan doesn't quite get it yet. Oh we've been doing our due diligence - pointing out Santa, teaching him a few carols, decorating our house and getting him excited about the tree and lights. But I'm still trying to figure out what angle I'll take when he really does understand. I'm not naive, I know that Santa and presents and all the magic surrounding that will be a part of it but I don't feel all that passionate about it.

On the other hand I don't want it to be all about Jesus and his birth either. We have a manger scene on display and Deaglan is quite fascinated by the baby but only because it is a tiny toy-like figure that he would like to get his hands on. The truth is, I don't know if Christmas has ever held real meaning for me.

This year at work we sponsored a less fortunate family and gave them a "Christmas" meaning we bought gifts and food for them. And within our family we took half of the budget we had for each other and helped out a family member with bills and groceries. This all felt pretty good.

I want my children to enjoy Christmas but I don't want them to get completely lost in the 'getting of gifts'. I like the idea of giving to where it's needed. Someone at work suggested that instead of giving the boss a gift why don't we donate some money on his behalf. Others didn't like this idea. Grumble.

I'll have to change my tune by next year for sure. I'll have two little ones by then and one will be fully charged for the season. I'll let you know what angle I've taken then. I hope I don't totally sell out.

Deaglan is wearing a turtleneck sewn and sent by our beautiful friend Jenn at T Rex Mom and Dad Tales. We love it!!


  1. Every festival is commercialized nowadays to such an extent that we have to look really hard to find the true meaning of it all. But at the same time we cannot get all cynical about it and pass our cynicism to our children. Having said all that, its very difficult to maintain a true balance to make a festival both a spiritual experience and fun.

  2. Wait - don't give up - I mean don't give presents to the boss! It's supposed to be the other way around - only give presents to YOUR employees. In all the companies I've worked in anyway.

    I hope you have a great holiday - regardless of how much shopping, etc you have to do! Merry Christmas!

  3. The boss is supposed to give the presents, although this bad economy has given them reasons to act like Scrooge in a big way.

    I have always loved Christmas, although as a child my parents broke up every other year and we had some lousy holidays at times, so I vowed I would make it a fun time for my own children with none of the "weight" attached.

    I also did my best to teach my children to give to others all year long, especially at Christmas when so many don't even have a warm meal.

    You'll find your bearings because you have your priorities aligned properly. Merry Christmas!

  4. For me, it's about being with people you love. It's that simple. The tree-decorating, the presents, the meals - those are all just about being with people you love. As for the spiritual meaing, I am not religious but love the metaphor of the birth of hope. That's a tradition I can get behind.

  5. Kim... I totally know how you feel! Dan and I are not in the spirit at all. Both of us are troubled by some not so great family experiences that occurred... for me on Christmas Day and for Dan around the holidays.

    I too want to make this time of year special for Aiden but without all of the hype.

    I read something in my recent issue of Today's Parent. Give a gift to read, a gift to wear, a gift to play with and something that helps others. I'm hoping to start this tradition with my little guy (part this year and part next) and have started with my niece.

    We've also opted out of gifts from family, we told them only purchase for Aiden. We're trying to make the holidays more about spending time with family.

    Good luck in figuring things out... like you... I still have time!

    Hope all is well!

  6. You are so wise to actually spend time thinking it through...I admire that so much!!!! I really like this are always so honest, authentic, and thoughtful!! Merry Christmas to you, Kim! Love, Janine XO

  7. Christmas time can be difficult. I think I just enjoy the traditions. And honestly, I love giving gifts - far more than getting them. We try to keep things modest and we hope to instill that in our children. There will be no visiting Santa with requests for multiple gifts.

    Our goal is to use Christmas as a reset to carry that spirit with us the whole year through. We'll see how things evolve over the next several years.

    LOVE the shirt!

  8. The shirt looks adorable! Christmas is all about love. Deaglan and your new little one have the greatest gift of love from you and Shaune. I know that your children will always love Christmas because of the love you both so unconditionally share.

    Hope you're feeling well, Kim.

  9. I agree with Kelly. It is about love. You can give as much of that as you want and not sell out one bit. :)


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