Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow

I was laying in Deaglan's race car bed reading him his stories before tucking him in tonight and I realized that this was one of my favourite places. One of my most happy places. A place where I find consistent good moments.

And it's not that his bed is really all that cozy for the two of us - it's a toddler bed after all and I have grown into quite a large pregnant woman with very few reliably comfortable positions at my disposal.

But when we spend this time together, reading to each other, being silly and sleepy, it's one of those rare times during the day where I wish time would stop. Tonight he picked a lullaby book and instead of reading, we took turns of singing the songs to each other.

Here Deaglan is caught coming down the slide. He was attending his first real birthday party for his friend Marha. I didn't post any of the pictures of the other kids because I wasn't sure if I should get the kids' parents' permission before doing so.


  1. I love those bedtime moments too. T Rex Dad and I sometimes "argue" about who gets to tuck the T Rex into bed. I remember those nights putting T Rex to bed and being great with child. Then T Rex got so used to cuddling up to the belly that he started to need it to fall asleep. In fact, when he stayed with our friend (who was also pregnant at the time) when I was giving birth he snuggled up to her and fell asleep.

    Enjoy these moments as they are fleeting and don't last long. Indeed, I wish time would stand still.

    By the way, did you have to do anything special to copyright your photos?

  2. Bedtime moments will be treasured for always! You are so right to revel in them! So happy for you! Hope you are feeling well...That's a wonderful photo of Deaglan! Love the hair...so remember my son's hair doing that on those plastic slides! ~Janine XO

  3. I used to love lying on my son's beds and reading to them or just cuddling. And in fact, even this morning I went into my younger son's room - great big 13 year old that he is - and lay on the bed taking with him for a few minutes before he got up for the day.

  4. This post reflects all the beauty of the mother that is YOU :)

  5. Cuddle time is one of my favorites too. :)


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