Sunday, 14 March 2010

What you didn't expect when expecting

I wish I could say that Deaglan was looking off into the distance here, contemplating life, but most likely he was watching Dora or Diego.

It's impossible to completely limit his TV watching and I'm pretty sure we go over the recommended number hours for his age group. However, we try not to let him watch programming with commercials and most of what he watches is pretty wholesome.

And lately I'm doing something I never dreamed I would do as a parent. I'm using the count to three in my disciplining. I guess we all imagine that our kids will be different, they'll listen when we ask them the first time or even the second. But this has not been the case around here.

Shaune and I find that every other sentence coming out of our mouths are either - do you want a time out? or I'm gonna count to three and if you don't listen then you'll get a time out!

The count to three has been working like a charm. Rarely have either of us had to reach three before seeing the desired behaviour. We always try to praise the good behaviour, tell him that he's a good listener or that he did a good job but honestly! I hadn't prepared for this part of parenting.

And finally speaking of things I couldn't have imagined, Deaglan's eating habits won't exactly earn me Mother of the year. I've put either fruit and/or vegetables on that kid's plate since he started eating solids to almost no avail. I've often found myself giving him chicken nuggets or a hotdog because I know he'll eat them.


Deaglan is wearing a sweater knit by his Gramma - Shaune's mom, who took up knitting especially for Deaglan.


  1. Great photo of Deaglan and that is a beautiful sweater done by Grandma. I hope you are felling well.

    Hmmm - we're experiencing the same things here in the T Rex household. There are days where T Rex is threatened with a timeout about every minute or at least it seems that way. I often tell him, "Please listen, Mama doesn't like it when you go to time out." Sometimes that works too. I think it's just a stage.

    We try to limit TV to no more than an hour a day or less. And some days we don't even let him watch anything. When he is watching TV it's Veggie Tales or Sesame Street. I find it's very handy to put on a show when I'm cooking or baking - I'm totally paranoid about T Rex opening the open when my back is turned and burning himself - that is far more dangerous that over-watching TV.

    (The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting to 2 hours or less. And there have been some studies demonstrating that TV at an early age can predispose to autism. This is just food for thought - something I learned this semester in one of my classes.)

  2. You have to go with whatever works for you guys. If counting to 3 works, then stay with it. :O)

  3. I have much older kids and I'm having discipline battles all the time. I wish I could say it gets easier :) Don't even asking me about 2 of my kids' eating habits. I'm almost tired of carrying around all my mother guilt. I do have to tell you that seeing such a handsome picture of Deaglan made me smile!!! Feel well Kim!!

  4. when I read this I thought of another blog I follow - I love what she writes and she has 3 boys.... maybe you can help each other. tell Heather I sent you.

  5. I am from the era of taking a belt to their bottoms.... i think time out works just never go to 4 EVER and be prepared with a consiquence when 3 doesn't do it.

  6. ADORABLE!!! He looks so handsome, like a little man. :)
    You and Shaune are such great parents. I am glad to hear that your strategies are working. It is all about trial and error my friend. :)

  7. I can't imagine a day without the threat of a timeout? Fortunately, my 3 year old is rarely the object of the threat, and my 2 year old has figured out how to maximize out on "cuteness" replying to my threats with "Okay Mama" and her most ADORABLE smile. That one is going to work the world with her charm. lol
    Saw this and thought of you:
    particularly the saying "I have to love you this fiercely..."
    XO Shel.

    P.S. to your previous post - your tummy is not only growing baby 2, but it also contains a growing heart. Didn't anyone ever tell you that with each pregnancy your heart grows in order to hold all the love you're going to need for baby 2?
    P.P.S. Yikes T Rex and Ginger V!

  8. I used the count to three thing to, although it worked only for the first child. Also - toddlers are notoriously bad eaters. We resorted to pureeing cooked broccoli and adding it to waffle batter, then dousing the "broccowaffles" in syrup. It worked.

  9. He is so adorable, he really is just so beautiful.

    I know what you mean about parenting. I wish it came with a recipe book because everything I thought I would never do, I did. Watching TV was a big one, the educational ones, trying to give fruit and veggies every night (still trying that with my 15 year old), no sugary snacks, and on and on the list goes.

    Bottom line, we do the best we can and it turns out just fine. You both give him love and security and limits and that is what really matters. I think you both are great parents.


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