Sunday, 13 June 2010

Okay so maybe he needs a little more time to adjust...

I think with time and exposure to Naveen, Deaglan will come to accept that he is a permanent part of our lives. Maybe then he will stop telling the baby things like:

This is my mommy, Baby! Your mommy is at home.

It makes me wonder where he thinks the baby lives.

I've also had to keep a close eye for random acts of resentment like the flicking of towels at Naveen, or trying to push the baby swing a little too high etc.

It's hard to know the right things to do. We've been making Deaglan the centre of attention to the point where we are forgetting to take pictures of poor little Naveen. When Deaglan was born, it was like the paparazzi had arrived in our lives. People were snapping pictures left and right.

For some, I understand, that a toddler is a lot more rewarding to interact with. I just hope that we don't lose sight of the fact that our little Naveen is just as special.

And finally, thanks to all of you, my friends, for the warm words of comfort that you have wrapped me in recently. I love this blogging life I am a part of. Some of you I owe thank you's to - like Jenn for making our little Naveen some sweet pants, mitts and a hat. You are so thoughtful and well just plain inspiring since you only recently had your second baby! And to some of you I owe a phone call like my wonderful friend Kelly. I think about you all the time. And to others, like Rachel, Christy and Wendy whose posts about their recent new additions have kept me going, please don't stop writing!


  1. OMG taking pictures of the second one? I have to remind myself to do so! Just like I have to remind myself to pick him up and hold him sometimes for no reason! I used to just hold Fiona for no reason ALL THE TIME when she was a tiny little I'm so focused on her I really have to stop and think to do the same sorts of things with Cal! You're doing great; Deaglan will adjust, and in the meantime get as much rest as you can!!

  2. your mention of me has brought tears to my eyes...

    Jacob was the same way when Allie was born. he would hit her and push the swing wayyyy too high and hard!

    and Jacob has the most pics out of all babies! probably Allie has the least.....poor Allie! and not because we love her less.....just less time....and money!

  3. Newborns are a terrible disappointment to young kids. They are boring, they cry a lot and they demand too much of their mother's attention. I promise you it gets better.

  4. I remember when Joseph wanted me to "return Jillian" every day. It can be a bumpy transition.

    I MISS YOU TOO!!! We'll talk soon. Big hugs. The kids are beautiful :)

  5. I hear you. The past few weeks T Rex has been ill and he has gotten all of our attention. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there is another child in the house - she is so good that sometimes I forget about her.

    It does get better. Make Deaglan your helper as much as possible. See if you can get him to give you snuggles while you feed the baby. It is more challenging since you've had a major surgery.

    Hang in there. One day you will look back on these days nostalgically.

    And you are most welcome for the items for your little big guy! Hopefully they will even fit him!

  6. Yes, Deaglan will adjust. He is in that egocentric stage of development that is so fun to watch, but tough to handle. He loves his brother and will eventually realize that they now share a mommy. ;)

  7. Oh, Kim, I want to reassure that these little "random acts of resentment" are normal. Or, at least, we're experiencing them, too, in the form of a swat to baby's head, snatching a pacifier right from a sleepy baby's mouth, and too many too-high-and-hard pushes in the swing. There are also lots of "Hi, baby!"s and 'help' with diaper changes and adorable kisses between toddler and baby that cancel all of those out. It DOES get easier.

    And I was recently searching for baby pictures of my older son (the second baby at our house) to compare with this new little brother, and I realized I hardly have any of him at all! Yet, I have *hundreds* of photos of our first. And not even good pictures! Really, awful ones with horrible lighting and like a dozen pictures of her in the same exact outfit and pose. And this was before digital cameras, even, so I must have spent a small fortune getting these horrible pictures developed!


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