Friday, 13 August 2010

Food for my soul

Someone said to me this morning about having two kids under three, I don't know how you do it. The comment made me feel at once weirdly guilty, like I didn't deserve her sympathy since so many people I know have three and four and even five kids and at the same time thankful that someone noticed how hard this is at times.

Being on maternity leave for the second time has been a completely different experience so far. I'm different. Less neurotic, more relaxed, more humble and lighter in the soul somehow.

Having these kids has been the greatest joy I've experienced so far in my life. I've loved writing about it here because it has allowed me to reflect and record and then look back. The writing seems to increase my level of consciousness - like when I'm about to parent Deaglan in a certain way I ask myself if I would approve of my behaviour if I read about it later. Not that there have been times when I've employed questionable parenting techniques - not yet anyway.

This is a picture of my niece - my sister's youngest and fifth. Isn't she something?


  1. I, too, like reflecting on what I've been doing. And it is nice when someone acknowledges how difficult it can be at times. Honestly, having two is not the difficulty right now. It's having a two-year-old. It's terrific and terrible at the same time. One minute is bliss and the next is agony. Exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. Hmmm - that's sounding like a blog post. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you're starting to get more sleep.

  2. I remember that time as being both joyful and exhausting.

  3. that child is unbelievably bearutiful.
    my two were 13 months apart, I was too young and dumb to know if I was tired or if they were a joy... you think about your two in important ways that will pay off later.

  4. She's a beauty. I agree that I'm more reflective as the years of parenting accumulate. I also have to admit that I feel like I "screw up" more in new ways. But I do try to give myself a break and remember that I'm just a human mama trying to juggle it all. Miss you... I'll send you a note soon, I promise!

  5. I'm glad you feel a bit more at peace during this second maternity phase. And....Oh my Goodness your niece is a cutie-sweetie. :)


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