Saturday, 25 September 2010


Even though I knew it was coming it still catches me off guard when it happens. Deaglan is 'becoming' his father. Like when we were on our way to the bookstore the other day he piped up from the backseat and asked Mommy can we listen to some tunes? And when I asked him what he wanted to listen to he requested The Crash crash dummies (The Crash Test Dummies is a favourite Canadian band of Shaune's from the early 90's)

I've read some on the father-son relationship and understand the specialness of that bond. I know that it's imperative for them to do the wrestling and rough and tumble play that comes so naturally between them even though sometimes I want peace and quiet.

Like a lot of people we have lots of pet names for each other in this family. I can't even remember all the silly little names I used to call Deaglan when he was an infant. The only one that's stuck is Puppy. Shaune almost never refers to him as Deaglan but calls him things like Sir and Word (what???), Doodley and Dude. And I can count on my hands the number of times I've ever called the baby Naveen. Mostly it's stinker, or stinkerbum, or bumsie (I honestly don't know why) or bumsen. Poor kid, if he knew what I was saying he'd surely have a complex.

And Shaune refers to the Cat not by his name Crash but other petnames like Sniggs, Sass and Mr. Cougie. Often when he walks by the cat he'll say something like Take it easy Snibs.

A few nights ago I had to shake my head and call Shaune at work. Deaglan asked me where Crash was. Then he said Mommy, where's Sniggs? Then with a smile creeping onto his lips Where's Sass? When he spotted the cat he said Take it easy Mr. Cougie.

Sheesh! I can't wait to see what quirks of Shaune's Naveen takes on.


  1. I just love family dialects! Bill called Em Doodles as a toddler, and Flynn, or Flynny, as an adolescent.
    Then there's couple-speak, with all the catch phrases and inside jokes. I really enjoy that!

  2. wonderful post.
    you seem to be more and more upbeat - adjusting to the changes in your family. love to see it happen.

  3. Whatever quirks, they are certain to be cute!

    Our little guy looks just like his daddy. If I hadn't given birth to him I'd think he didn't belong to me! But he has some of my quirks so I'm reassured.

  4. One of the reasons I like having my son's girlfriend over is I feel less out-numbered. Still your sons will become both of you, not just their Dad.

  5. It is funny how they pick up things from us. My husband's off beat humor has rubbed off on a few of my guys. Love the pictures Kim :)

  6. So cute.. I love that everyone has so many names! It's the same with my youngest brother, Chase. When he was a baby, we called him Boo boo, blue bird, chaser-bear and boo. Even Fred (I don't know where that came from?!) For me, Boo stuck -- and that's what I still call him 13 years later :)

  7. How awesome!!! Love it. ;)


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