Monday, 8 November 2010


I caught this a few days ago. I want to apologize upfront for the almost-disciplinary moment you'll have to sit through, and also the high falsetto voice I use when talking to Naveen. Clearly I have no technical abilities or I would have edited it a bit. It's also a tad long. It's almost impossible to catch a few moments on video where Deaglan is somewhat cooperative - he's lost all patience with my constant picture taking. He's like the celebrity and me, well I'm the paparazzi chasing him for some good blogging material. And yes, Deaglan still has his soother. I'm working on weaning him from it but it's tougher than I had thought and I haven't really given it a serious effort.


  1. This looks SO much like our household. Naveen and T Rex Princess seem to have similar temperaments in that they put up with a lot from their older siblings - mailings, etc. But aren't these moments awesome?!? Kind of chaotic, too. That's about how it is here. Nice to know this is happening in other households.

  2. Kim, I had everyone (including my husband) come watch this adorable video with your cuties!!! I loved seeing them interact together. They are getting so big :) My house is constant chaos by the way (at least in my mind :)

  3. Kim, your boys are so precious-thanks for sharing this little video of them. I love Deaglan's laugh-so cute!
    I love being a mom too-it's the best thing I've ever done in my life without a doubt. My "baby" will be 15 next month and though she won't leave home for a few years yet-I struggle already with who I will be without her.
    The good thing is though-I've loved and enjoyed Amy at every step of the way, I have no regrets, and I am excited to see what the future holds for her too!

  4. hey kim, if you have a minute - if ever reread my post... the complaint was about letting their dog do their business on the sidewalk... not the walkers doing their business on the sidewalk.... lol.
    do I need to rewrite it?

  5. Oh, Kim, this made me smile from ear to ear. I don't know what you're talking about, Deaglan seems pretty cooperative to me (for a TWO year old!) and YOU seem extraordinarily patient. You and your boys are SO SO lucky to have each other!

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    PS - Don't worry at all about the pacifier (funny, at our house we call ours a "koo-koo"). Sylvie is two and still uses hers for nap- and bed-time. You have enough going on with two active little boys - if the pacifier makes it easier, let him have it! :)

  6. Love the video. Your boys are AWESOME.
    We took the pacifiers away at 1 year, on both kids. Naptime and bedtime were hard for the first week or so but was done after that. Jesse tried to take Mikayla's a few times when she was a baby, but he was good with it after that....
    I just realized that's the first time I've heard your voice in over 25 years ;-)

  7. Oh my....where do I begin. First off, Deaglan's laugh is magnetic and I love how Naveen is talking too. He was probably saying, "Hey big bro, Momma said put my shirt back on!" You did so well Kim, great patience, calm tone, and voila, the shirt went back on. They are such beautiful treasures.

    Oh and the paci, a friend of mine gave me this tip that she used with her son who has autism. I did it with Noah and it worked like a charm. Everyday, I took his nuk and snipped off a tiny, tiny piece of it with scissors. Noah never noticed and sucked it like normal. It took two weeks and then one night, he took the nuk-paci and threw it out of his crib. So, it was his choice. I then picked it up and threw it away. I did notice that he began to snuggle with his "B" blankie more. He is 8 now and still has his "B", but no nuk. Good luck!!!


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