Tuesday, 30 November 2010

You were born on a Monday

Dear Naveen,

you are six months old today, doing all the things a six month old should, you're chubby, you smell better than good and on a daily basis I want to eat you right up.

When your brother was born, I didn't think I could possibly ever feel that way about another human. My heart seemed to swell to a hundred times its own size. But you are the proof that my capacity for love is endless.

I never tire of looking at your beautiful little face or planting kisses on your cocoa skin. You and your brother are constant reminders that I am possibly the luckiest woman alive. I honestly don't know what I ever did to deserve you but I'm trying not to take it for granted.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Here's a video of the day you were born. You'll notice that I seem to be a little short with Daddy. I had just had you and I probably needed a bit of rest.

Love Mommy.

P.S. Daddy might say that I was just acting like my normal self here, but don't believe him. It wasn't a normal day the day you were born. You came when I needed you the most.

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  1. This is such a sweet post because it brings back so many memories for me. I often wondered about what it would be like to have another baby when I felt like I had given every bit of love I had to Amy-I was terrified of loving one child more than the other. There never was another one...but I know that I would have had boundless love too.
    Happy 6 month birthday beautiful Naveen:)

  2. So lovely Kim!! Happy 6 month birthday to your handsome Naveen :) I love the last line of this post.

  3. Aw. Kim this is such a sweet post. I loved the line... capacity for love is endless... that is so true for mothers... Happy sixth month birthday baby. God bless you :-)

  4. Aw! Happy half-year birthday Naveen! You bring your mama so much joy that it overflows in the words she writes about you!

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  5. I remember my little one being this small. What a wonderful letter! Stumbled it.

  6. Adorable...thanks for following...I am now following you back....

  7. What a precious post!! I stumbled it.

    Thanks for joining us on STT. Come back next Tuesday and join in the fun!!

    Shopper Gal

  8. oh i love it! happy 6 month birthday to naveen! the video is so cute and very real! ha! made me chuckle at the end there. loved it...thank you for sharing..

  9. That video really took me back. I think you were being rather nice given the circumstances!

    Remember how those of us with more than one child assured you that you would indeed love the new one just as much? This is one of those times when its a joy to be right. And now it's your turn to re-assure women pregnant with their second. :-)

  10. How precious Kim. Happy 6 months to your boy. ;)


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